Leek CC Club Hill Climb Championships 2014

A great turn out in what were tough conditions saw 31 riders compete in the Leek CC Club Hill Climb Championships 2014, held on the famous Gunn Hill three miles outside Leek.     With all the competitors having to battle a strong head wind, Ben Norbury of Congleton CC was the winner on the day with a time of 5:48, with local rider Andy Magnier of Velosure Giordana Pro Cycling in second and Rob Howson the best placed Leek CC rider in third. Jayne Dickens of Stone Wheelers was the first female with a time of 7:56. Very well done to Ben and Jayne and congratulations to Rob who is the Leek CC Club Champion. Well done & great effort to all the riders who competed and thank you for supporting the event, there was certainly some very close times with a number of riders from Leek CC, Lyme RC and Uttoxetter CC closely matched . A thank you from the club must go to Ruth & John, Andy,Phil & George and anybody else who helped put on the very successful event.



1     Ben Norbury 5:48                       Congleton CC
2     Andy Magnier 5:57                      Velosure Giordana Pro Cycling
3     Rob Howson 6:04                       Leek CC
4     Alex Copp 6:11                            Lyme RC
5     Daniel Minor 6:19                        Lyme RC
6     Paul Stoddard 6:27                     Stone Wheelers CC
7     Rich Whalley 6:36                      Leek CC
8     Tony Cope 6:39                          Leek CC
9     Rich Coghill 6:57.20                   Leek CC
9     Simon Hobbs 6:57.20                Uttoxeter CC                                                               10   Shaun Brassington 7:00           Uttoxeter CC
12   Mark Allen 7:02                         Congleton CC
13   Nick Avins 7:12                         Leek CC
14   Rob Rhodes 7:22                     Newcastle Racing Club 2001
15   Karl Clay 7:27                           Leek CC
16   Paul Barratt 7:33                       Leek CC
17   Steve Thursfield 7:35                Leek CC
18   Craig Gilchrist 7:36                   Leek CC
19   Matt Smith 7:43                         Leek CC
20   Alex Coates 7:53                       Lyme RC
21   Rob Hanson 7:55                      Leek CC
22   Jayne Dickens 7:56                  Stone Wheelers CC
23   Paul Haywood 8:05                   Leek CC
24   Rich Coates 8:09                      Leek CC
25   Fiona Drew 8:21                       Stone Wheelers CC
26   Dave Magnier 8:23                    Leek CC
27   Dave Torr 8:30                           Uttoxeter CC
28   Daniel Yarnold 8:34                   Leek CC
29   Russ Pope 8:53                        Leek CC
30   Allison Held 9:08                       Uttoxeter CC
31   Richard Fradley 9:14                Uttoxeter CC

Leek CC rider Matt Smith, on the steep section of Gun Hill

Leek CC rider Rich Whalley battling the strong wind

Both photos courtesy of Ken Norbury of Congleton CC

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