Club Run – January 8th 2017

14 riders turned out to ride to Carsington Water. We set out in to the fog and passed through Bottom House, Ipstones edge and on to Wootton where the fog lifted to reveal the weak sun light and a glimpse of the landscape. We continued through Snelston and Osmaston and at Bradly there was a incident with two riders crashing in to one another due to trying to avoid a startled horse but there were no injuries. Assistance was offered and rejected so the rest of the group continued to the cafe where we would wait for the two riders to catch up. There was a fast paced sprint passed the dam which was won by Rob Howson.

After some classic roadside engineering, Jamie and Phil were able to join us at the cafe. We rode back passing through Brassington and its fearsome bank. Jamie and Phil decided to ride back to Leek by a more direct route due to the issues caused by the crash. We took a different route through Youlgrave due to the state of the roads being covered in mud in places. We passed through Parsley Hay and on to Hartington before reaching Warslow where the fog was so thick, we could barely see the road. Having a bike mounted radar set would have been useful in order to navigate, very strange not knowing where the summit was despite having rode the road many times before. We arrived back in Leek at 2.30pm, a little later than normal but happy after a fifty seven mile ride which burnt off the many mine pies consumed over Christmas.

written by Club Rider Nick Avins


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