Club Run – January 15th 2017

As the first one to arrive in the market place, while taking shelter under the ‘Yorkshire Trading’ entrance, I wondered if it had been such a good idea to tog up and brave the weather. The forecast was for heavy rain all day and it was spot on at 9am. To all our surprise 5 turned out and decided to head for Jodrell Bank.
By the time we had got to Biddulph Moor via Horton I had warmed up even though it was around 6 degrees, wet and windy. I’d hoped the choice of Jodrell Bank was to keep the ride short but Phil Gayes was on song and managed to find a much longer scenic route taking us over to middlewich before turning back, by the time we reached the cafe we had done 40 miles. It had been a fast pace and to keep up I had sat on there wheels at every chance but that had left me with a gritty feeling for our cafe stop. I’m not sure what time it was but the request for beans on toast had been met with a large intake of breath, the chef needed to be asked as it was past breakfast time, very generously he agreed to tread us to the last breakfast of the day, Phew.
A visit to the toilet and wring out the wet gloves we all enjoyed putting the soaked kit back on. For me it was a good pace again and it wasn’t long before I was warm enough but it kept raining and water was building up on the roads. As we reached Bosley the pace started rising, that and the combination of large puddles on the road made this stretch the wettest. It was a 60 mile ride and after a quick chat opposite the dyers arms we all went home for a good shower.
rudyard, horton, bidd moor, mossley, astbury, Hasall Green, Middlewich, Allostock, Jodrell Bank, Marton, Bosley, Leek.

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier


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