Club Run – 26th February 2017

Sunday the twenty sixth of February. Seven riders set out for Bollington, passing Rudyard Lake where Chris,’s chain snapped and a running repair was made in order to able him to ride back to Leek. A shame but at least it did not happen at Bollington. We carried on riding through Bosley, Broken Cross and Prestbury where a slight wrong turn took us off route but we managed to navigate our way back to Bollington and soon arrived at the Waterside cafe where a large Americano set me back two pounds forty, not bad prices for Cheshire.

We returned via the Goyt Valley where there was a strong headwind that required us to pedal on the downhill stretches. We passed though Wildbourclough and on to Wincle where a passing Mountain Biker decided to try it on with the group by passing us going downhill with wide tyres on. Club rider Ade Myatt did not take to kindly to this and soon reeled him back in again. Passing Wincle, Dave Magnier informed us that he was feeling tired before putting out the type of watts that would make Mark cavindish sit up and take notice,and  he was soon off at the front. The pace picked up and both Dave and Ade were soon out in front on the final sprint back to Leek. I did pass Phil Simcock and Ant Ashby but the two sprinters were flying the flag for Leek CC and not slowing down for anyone. We all met up in Leek at 1pm and stopped to recover after a forty one miles ride around Cheshire. Due to the headwind , it felt more like sixty miles. Thanks to Dave Magnier and Ade Myatt for leading the ride and it was nice to Andy Magnier who was so keen he set out early with the eight am group before returning to Leek to ride with the nine am group.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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