Club Run – March 5th 2017

The forecast looked bad but at 8am, it was dry and quite bright. So Sunday morn 9am we’re sheltering in Yorkshire Trading’s entrance, Richard Co suggested Peover  a Place we had not tryed their coffee and beans on toast. Macc road, left at the Fools Nook, Broken Cross, Birtles Lane to Over Adderley Stopping outside the Wizard. Richard had been rattling all the way and had stopped on route to try and fix his rear mud guard but was unable.
The decision made as we stopped was to head for home. We had lots of cold fingers and at least one with the shivers, just as we were pulling off Phil noticed Ade’s rear mud guard had detached and dragged on the floor, off it came and placed under the Wizard sign for later pickup, then off we went a little colder, Nether Alderley, then 3 of us missed the lights at Monks Heath, the last sight of the lead group. Left after Marton then parted ways with Ade at North Rode, he was picking his quickest route. Nick dragged me back to leek passing Phil at Rushton, he was phoning home having lost the will to ride.
The weather man was right, constant rain and about 2 degrees. 9 heroes started but the cold came between us, I reckon about 38 miles for those from leek, well over 40 for us Chedders.

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier

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