Club Run – April 2nd 2017

Seventeen riders turned out for the Club Run to Monyash. Sadly we lost one rider due to a tyre issues although he managed to deal with it back in Leek before riding back out to re-join the group. We set out along Buxton road turning off for Thorncliffe. At this point we began to resemble the plot of a Ionesco play as one party turned off to ride up the main drag up to Morridge while Andy Bains group rode up Little Thorncliffe. We spotted Two Sauces Simcock taking the KOM title for that climb and soon we were back as one group and heading down in to Warlsow and on to Hartington where we stopped to re-group before heading up to Parsley Hay and in to Monyash where we called in to the Smith Cafe. Service was slow for some of the group as we had quite a wait. It was suggested at one point that the sauce packets be regarded as “Northern Gels”. The cafe staff must have caught the pig and the beans had grown by that point as Dave Mags had his beans on toast and Phil Simcock laid seige to the sauce supplys.

Phil Gayes led a small group back to Leek via Longnor while the others were waiting to be served. We rode back via Crowdecote where myself and Dave Mags turned off for Buxton Race way as we were feeling keen. The others rode back through Longnor. Dave and I had a great ride and enjoyed the amazing views and a helicopter that was bringing in materials nearby created interest for us as it was almost flying low overhead at one point. We carried on past the race track on up to Axe Edge before turning for the road to Winccle. Although it had been warm, we noticed the chill up on the edge and were glad to ride back in to the April warmth. We arrived back in Leek for two pm after a forty five mile ride, thanks Dave for your company. Also note that Phil Simcock came out with us even though he had arrived back home at eight am from Mexico that morning, what a club rider!

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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