Club Run – April 16th 2017

Five riders left their Easter eggs until later and came out for a ride instead. We headed out past Rudyard Lake and passed through Rushton Spencer and past Bosley lights before turning off towards Gawsworth. The pace was picking up as the sprinters were out in force. We turned off for Marton and on towards Swettenham. There was no ride leader as such, more of a case of “Well this road looks familiar”. All riders gave help with directions. The great thing about riding to Jodrell Bank is that you can see it from miles away so we had some idea of where to head for. Thankfully the worst of the rain had stopped and I even managed to ride at the front much to Jamie’s surprise. We arrived at Jodrell Bank at ten thirty after a fast paced ride. The five riders enjoyed coffees and tea as well as beans on toast.

We decided to ride back via the normal route back passing Astle Park before turning off for Gawsworth and heading towards the main road back to Leek. Some riders were suffering from the fast pace out and were holding back for the final sprint to Leek. We caught up with the other riders by the lake lay-by and set off again. The pace soon picked up and by the time I turned the corner, the peleton were way in front with a ever growing lead so I sat back and enjoyed the view. Jamie Jeffery won the sprint to Leek. Meantime, it was neck and neck with myself and a snail but thanks to the wet roads, the snail managed to slide in front of me but I am not bitter about these things. We met up by the Dyers Arms  after a forty three mile ride, thanks to all riders for a great ride. I set out for home and a late lunch, Escargots with butter anyone?

Written Club Rider Nick Avins

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