Shorter Club Run & Longer Club Run Write Up’s – April 23rd 2017

Shorter Club

Seven riders set out with the short ride group under the leadership of our esteemed chairman, Andy Bain. We set out via Rudyard and Rushton Spencer and on to Bosley lights. The pace picked up with Paul Haywood leading and Two Sauces Simcock pushing to pass him. We turned off for Marton and went a different route and rode along the road we normally exit on from Jodrell Bank which caused some confusion over directions. The temperature had warmed up and we sat outside the cafe although it cooled down once the coffees arrived so out came the jackets. One brave cafe patron came over and asked Two sauces for access to his supply. There was a silence as we awaited the reaction but to our surprise, Phil smiled and handed over a bottle!

We set out for Leek, passing Astle Park and on towards Gawsworth where due to being early we decided to ride along the hills around Sutton Lane Ends. New riders Nick and Adrian were leading up the hills and showing up the sprinters who were tiring at this point due to their efforts on the outward journey. We rode on through Wincle and up over Gun Hill and Abbey Green where we re-grouped after forty Six miles. A great, fun ride where all riders had chance to lead. Thanks to Andy Bain for leading the ride

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Longer Club Run

After meeting the reprehensive from Dougie Mac on the Market Pace we set off to Delamere, Ade M’s suggestion. The weather was cool but forecast good so a few legs were showing. Ade M had a mechanical at Congelton and so turned back, Jamie had the route planned on his Garmin, so we rode on. Twelve riders started and another 4 turned back at Holmes Chapel, seven did this route.
We rode out of Congleton towards Holmes Chapel then turned off via Church Minshull – Oulton Park – Utkinton before the Cafe stop at the station cafe. We headed back via Acton Bridge – Great Budworth(the lovely quaint village) – Knutsford – Over Peover – Gawsworth.
89 mile Leek to Leek, and at about 80 my legs had gone , but all the rest stayed with me until Freshwater where the resistance to not sprint home became to much. My longest ride for over a year, good ride, good fun.  Thanks, Dave Magnier

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