Club Run – May 14th 2017

Twelve riders set out for Bonsal, we passed through Thorncliffe and dropped down to Warlsow before turning for Hartington where we took on the steep climb up to Pike Hall. We passed over the High Peak Trail and on to the main road to Cromford before turning off for Winster. We turned off for the Bonsal road and dropped down in to the village where we called at the Fountain Tea Rooms. The Flapjacks were tasty and one rider even took on a mini breakfast which makes you wonder what the full size portions are like given it was a plateful. “Two Sauces Simcock” had a panic when his Bacon roll failed to arrive and was contemplating a sauce sandwich before his food finally arrived due to a order mistake.

We sett off back via the Cromford road and the pace kicked up on the long climb. Phil and Andy were leading but myself and Stuart were keen to do a turn on the front. We turned off for Longcliffe and dropped down towards Parwich but continued on as were were turning for Tissington. It was a steep climb as we had to walk across the ford and there was not respite but straight in to climbing the hill. We carried on through Thorpe where we had to dodge walkers and bikers out enjoying the sun and warmth. We passed through Ilam and rode pass the ruins of Throwley hall and another steep climb to Carlton. At this point, Phil Simcock began to feel ill and we were worried about him but we were determined to stick with him all the way back to Leek. We all helped out to shelter him and passed through Warterhouses and the pace picked up on the main road where we stopped to allow the others to catch up before heading for Leek. Out of all the cars that passed us, one decided to peep to let us know we had held them up for a few valuable seconds. We arrived back in leek at two fifteen pm after a fifty four mile ride. It was a great turn out with a new rider, Simon Morrall who found out he can fly when not riding his normal tank bike. Adrian from the short group joined us and hopefully had a great ride. Thanks to Phil Gayes for leading the ride and for setting the fast pace at times with Team Bianchi.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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