Club Run – May 21st 2017

Sunday mornings now have 2 rides starting from the market place, 8am and 9am, the earlier one being known as the faster group, but I think it’s the need to home for 12am group. 9am this sunday saw only 4 riders but as a few minutes ticked on we eventually totaled 12. After the usual deliberations Carsington became are target with the first part taking us up to Bottomomhouse at rather a quick pace. Ellastone, Norbury, darley moor, Edlaston, Osmaston, Bradley, Carsington, a lovely morning about 12 degrees and dry. The road across the dam always sees the pace quicken, today saw a couple of riders burn and bust with only Andy B, the youngster being able keep the pace, winning the sprint. My predictable Latte, beans on toast went down well and Phil g had the posh Beans on toast at the cafe and a posh price tag. We then as we carried the bikes down the steps we found out one of the group had set of early to try and limit how far behind he might fall. Four riders choose to take the main rd back to Leek, then we went, Brassington, Ballidon, Parwich, Alsop en la dale, Wetton, Mill, Butterton, Oncote, Morridge, Stile House Lane. Just as we were pulling up to Buxton Rd, there we met the lone returnee, having taken a slightly flatter route, not a bit sorry to have missed Butterton bank. Great ride, thanks, dave m Strong and stable leadership was provided by Phil G with a ride for the many not the few (General Election Indoctrination).

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier


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