Club Run – May 28th 2017

Nine riders set out for Pot Shrigley under the guidance of Father of the peleton, Dave Magnier. We rode through Abbey Green and up Gun Hill where new rider Simon M almost rode to the top alone before Tony C flew past. We continued through Winccle and Wildbourcough and over the Cat and Fiddle road. We turned left and headed towards Pot Shrigley. Nick D showed his great bike handling when he managed to avoid riding over Dan N’s sun glasses which had fallen off. It was at this point where confusion took over and there was much disscusion on the road to take but we managed to find our way to the Cafe stop.  Food was ordered and the riders were surprised by the large portions. There was a moment of panic when looking around for sauces as they had run out. We suspect “Two Sauces Simcock” may have made a visit before us and raided the supplies. Thankfully normal service was resumed when they found some more sauces.

We returned through Bollington and on to the Silk road, passing through Macclesfield , home to Joy Division and the late , great Ian Curtis. The sprinters kept pushing the pace up to Bossley lights where we had trouble with a car driver passing too close for comfort and at one stage using his vehicle as a weapon. We rode on through Rushton Spencer and past Rudyard Lake where a few riders stopped to allow the rest to catch up before setting off again. The pace increased as we could see Leek getting nearer and the sprint was won by Stuart. It was a great forty two mile ride and we were lucky with the weather as we only had drizzle at the start of the ride. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and for dragging me away from the restored Series two Land Rover that passed by and the riders who turned out, taking time off from the Bank Holiday weekend.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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