Club Run – June 11th 2017

The forecast was rain for the afternoon but at 9am, Leek, market place, it was dull, windy but mild. Eventually we decided Eccalshall was the ​café we would head for, this would allow us to pass Swinerton on our return, where a couple of our regulars were partaking in a race.
At 9:10am , twelve of us set off, Consoll, Dilhorne, Stallington, Hilderstone, Whitegreave, right before Ecallshall taking us round to Fletchers garden centre.  Beans on toast, brown, latte, £6.45 came quickly and we sat outside, very pleasant.
We went to Cotes Heath then right to Swinnerton to avoid the race circuit, we passed racers going the opposite way, Rich and Jordan. Arriving at the finish as the bell was rung we waited 30 minutes for the two to do their final circuit, An interpretation of there first words after the finish was’ a tough ride’,  but they were able to raise a smile for the camera!
The climb upto Rough Close is always a pain ( always tired legs) but we gathered at Meir Heath and the first rider turned for their shorter route home. After Meir roundabout a large bank and hiss had us repairing Jonathans rear wheel, the wall of the tyre had burst out. Left after Weston Coyney, Werrington, Left onto Rownall Rd, then I turned right leaving the group. We stayed dry all the way, arriving home at 2:15pm, within tem minutes it started raining, a good ride.
All the group were very pleased to hear that after a year in hospital Karl had come home, all wished well. On Thursday several members volunteered to marshal and support the OVO Energy Women’s Tour as it made it’s way over Ipstones and Gun, our own Village people!

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier


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