Club Run – June 18th 2017

Eight riders set out for Flash on a short ride due to the intense heat. We set out down mill street where I was hanging on the back of the peleton like our hung Parliment clings to power but soon caught up along Abbey green. We turned at Meerbrook and headed up Gun Hill where we found the road had been re-surfaced which caused problems for Alex C as a stone got caught between the frame and the wheel but he managed to clear it before completing the climb. Rob H proved he is still the king of Gun Hill. We rode on through Wincle and Wildboarclough where we had some respite from the sun in the shade. The valley here seems to peaceful and yet in may nineteen eighty nine, a wall of water came down the valley and the Clough brook to sweep away bridges and the road. It took six months to repair the damage. We turned left in Wildboarclogh and headed up the long climb to the Buxton- Bossley road where we turned right for Flash. Instead of riding straight on, some one decided we should climb the road leading around the hill to Flash which caused a few riders to curse as the climb seemed to go on for some distance but it was a great feeling to ride in to the village.  Two unnamed riders had continued up the main road and met us in the village! The long descent from Flash in to Longnor was a much needed chance to cool off in the breeze. We pulled up at the Cobblestones cafe where space was an issue due to the crowds but we found space to sit outside and  cook. There was some panic when Dave M’s beans on toast failed to arrive but normal service was soon resumed and once fed we set off for Sheen and Hulme end where we turned down towards the Manifold Valley and headed to Butterton where we passed a road gang laying the dreaded chippings on the road from Whetton Mill, good job we decided not to attempt the climb! We soon reached Oncote after a fast descent followed by a long climb to Mooridge before we dropped down on to Buxton road where “Two Sauces ” Simcock made a sneaky attack. We all met up by the side of the road and were joined by a young boy on a bike so maybe a future club member to join us? It was a great thirty seven mile ride in what felt like thirty seven celsius heat. Thanks to Paul Heywood for leading the ride

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

8          Photo of the early group who stopped off at the Village Store in Hartington


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