Club Run – July 2nd 2017

Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live”. Mark Twain.

Twenty riders turned out for the club ride, a great turn out given that the club had held a social night on Friday and a few sore heads were expected. There was talk of arm wrestling taking place at one point in the evenings entertainment but what happens in town, stays in town!   As three members were racing at Monnyash, it was decided to ride there and support them. We set out along Buxton road before turning for mini-Thornclife and on to Mooridge. We had a fast descent in to Warlsow despite the newly laid road making it slippery in places. We turned left in to Hulme End and on to Hartington, where we turned off for Long dale where the wind was directed down the valley sides and straight at the Peleton which made the pace hard to maintain. It was nice to be able to make the turn towards Parsley Hay and on to Monneyash where we headed to the race route and watched two groups ride past. It was decided to head to Longnor for a cafe stop and so we headed towards Chelmorton where we paused to see the groups race past again and Rich G was setting a fast paced breakaway. We rode on past Breilow Bar and in to Longnor where we again sat outside the Cobbles cafe and set the world to rights over Beans on Toast and coffee.

It was decided that we should split in to two groups, one riding back to Leek via the direct route via Newtown and the Mermaid Pool and one riding further. I set out with the long group as we tackled Hollingsclough Rakes where the dreaded chippings had been laid and so we slipped all the way up. We headed in to Flash where I turned off to head back via Royal Cottage and Morridge, arriving back in leek for 1.30pm after a forty five mile fun ride.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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