Club Run – July 22nd 2017

A big turnout today, 15 of us. After the usual trouble of selecting a route, Bonsall became the target. The top of mini Thorncliffe saw a stop to tighten a spoke and fix rich’s puncture, then near the Butchers Arms Nick had a puncture. The ride flowed a little better after those.
After turning off the main road at Newhaven the main group decided to turn left, while the thought of going down Via Gelia was too much for Rich to resist, so 5 of us took the downhill, we arrived at the village together. Sitting outside at the cafe in Bonsall is a pleasure, we had a couple of spots of rain but that passed and we all enjoyed the ‘al fresco’. A couple of new roads for me leading to Brassington, then Parwich, Mill Dale, Wegg’s bridge, and Onecote.We had a new rider join us today, he found the return journey a struggle but didn’t stop smiling, hopefully he’ll be out again with us!

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