Club Run – July 30th 2017

Fifteen riders set out for Jodrell Bank. The large turn out due to members of the eight am group deciding to join us late risers. We rode to Rudyard and turned for Horton and on to Lask Edge where we continued around the Cloud with is views of the rolling Cheshire countryside. We then rode towards Marton and Gorsley before reaching Jodrell Bank after a fast paced ride. Two members upset the cafe staff by trying to place their pride and joy bikes in the garden but had to remove them to the bike shed where we had placed our not so pride and joy models. We hope we may be allowed back.

We returned back by Over Peaover and Marthall, Great Worfard and Nether Alderley and back to the familiar road of Gawsworth  and on to the Royal Oak swing bridge where we had to walk over the bridge while the swing bridge was in operation. The pace picked up with the peleton being split in to groups. I and Chris E were held up at Bosley lights before we could re-join the sprint. We worked hard to catch up and pass some riders before we pulled over by Rudyard Lake to re-group before sprinting again for Leek. I passed a group of riders and Rich C and had the end in sight but the crafty veteran passed me by the Sainsbury’s roundabout. The group pulled over to chat and Chris E found he had a puncture but at least it was at the end of the ride and he had help form the group although we were disappointed to learn that he was not that Chris E of the large BBC paycheck as recently revealed. Thanks to Rob H for leading us along some new roads and for the rain keeping off, a decent 53 mile all round.

Writen by Club Rider Nick Avins


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