Club Run – August 13th 2017

Six riders turned out to ride to Lyme Park. The eight am group rode to that wonderful example of Victorian engineering, the Anderton Boat Lift. There was also a stealth group of club members which maybe the JCB section of the club. We set out along the Macclesfield road and turned off to head to Langley and Rainow and on to Pott Shrigley or as we called it “Pot Hole Shrigley” such was the state of the roads. We then rode through Poynton and on to High Lane. Here we rode along newly laid tarmac roads which took me by surprise, not being used to a smooth road. Just to confuse us, there was a cobbled section before a railway crossing before we were back on new tarmac again. Sadly on High Lane we had a number of close passes with cars not wanting to wait for us to pass the numerous traffic islands and I had to brake sharply to let them pass as they swung in to my path. We were glad to arrive at Lyme Park and soon we were sat outside to enjoy coffee and cakes. Ade Hall had a flapjack and suspected it may have been a family heirloom passed on to the trust such was the bland taste. Dave Magnier was shocked to discover they did not serve beans on toast as was “Two Sauces Simcock” when told he could not have a bacon roll.

We rode up to the house to have a group picture. the house was enlarged in the 1720’s by Giacomo Leon for the Legh family. It was once a great sporting estate and was the setting for the BBC production of “Pride And Prejudice”.  We rode out along the main drive and turned off along a private road leading to the main road to Disley. We had a fast descent to the Kettleshulme road before turning for Ginclough and Kerridge end before we turned on to the Cat and Fiddle road where we had a long climb to the turn for Wildboarclough. Here, Ade Hall set up a fast pace and I was quickly dropped so sat back to enjoy the view. I caught up with Dave M near Allgreave and we set off for Wincle and Danebridge before reaching the main road to Leek. We arrived back in Leek after a fifty two mile ride. Thanks to Rob H for leading the group on some new roads and to a new cafe and for some great land Rover spotting opportunities, (its a Land Rover thing, you would not understand)

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


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