Club Run – August 20th 2017

Nine riders turned out for the club ride and for some strange reason, there was a lot of cash being handed out between riders although much to my disgust, not to my pocket! Beeley was our destination and we rode out along Buxton road and did not turn for Thorncliffe which caused some confusion. Instead, we rode out towards Buxton and turned left to head behind the Roaches and come back on ourselfs to Royal Cottage where we rode down a fast and long descent to Longnor and Crowdecote. We were going to ride straight on in to Monyash but met up with Black Horse Velo and so rode with them down Longdale where we continued in to Parsley Hay and in to Youlgreave. We rode along the A6 and in to Rowsley where we turned off to head for Beeley. We passed a rider in the Yellow Jersey which caused much amusment in the peloton as you would expect. We arrived at the Old Smith cafe to find masses of bikes parked up and we had to park behind the bins, nice to see so many riders out. We were informed there would be a delay on hot drinks but this took the term “Delay” to new hights as we waited for the best part of forty minutes for drinks and for food and were contemplating foraging in the garden for food. As we were leaving I was accused of not paying for a latte which was cheeky considering I did not order one!

We returned by Chatsworth and Bakewell before tackling Sheldon Bank where Rob H pulled away from the group as did Alex C and Tony C. We rode through Monyash and I made a effort to pull away but Rob H put me back in my place after a short time on the front. We passed through Parsley Hay and headed in to Hartington and on to Warslow where we had a brief stop for energy gels and cake to boost our flagging energy levels and headed up the climb to Morridge. I stayed with the father of the peloton , Dave M and offered to shelter him by going on the front but with my short frame there would be very little shelter so this offer caused much amusement. We dropped in to Thorncliffe and back on to Buxton road arriving back at two PM after a tough fifty four mile ride. Nice to see you, to see you nice!

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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