Club Run – 24th September 2017

Seven riders decided to ride to Carsington and enjoy the warm weather. We rode out along Ashbourne road and turned off at Bottom House. Here Paul H suffered a puncture but was unable to find out what caused it which was frustrating. Maybe for future rides, I should start bringing a collection of thorns so as to avoid this issue. We carried on riding in to Wotton and Ellistone before turning for Norbury and on to Snelston. We had to wait on the main Ashbourne-Derby road before we could cross due to the traffic which was unusual. We rode on towards Bradly and towards the dam road where the pace picked up as riders sprinted to the cafe. I was able to draft behind a car and so managed to catch up with Nick D who was setting a fast pace. I just managed to pass him before the entrance to win. Despite all this effort on the part of the group, Ant A who was last there still managed to take advantage of the confusion over parking the bikes to race to the front of the cafe que, how does he do this? Nick D decided not to have anything to eat so “Two Sauces” Simcock ate for him. The group sat outside admiring a disc brake Canyon bike.

We rode home via Brassington Bank although Steve B rode back via the main road to Ashbourne. We re-grouped at Longcliffe and headed in to Elton but no sign of Elton John, maybe he was on tour? We passed through Middleton and on to the road to Parsley Hay . On the climb, Paul H and Nick D were setting a good pace which proved too much for me to keep up. We again re-grouped before deciding which way to go back. It was decided to ride in to Hartington and Hulme End. At the top of the climb in Warlsow we came across a damsel in distress, a fellow rider had a gear cable snapped so asked for help. Paul H and Nick D were soon busy tying up cables and moving mechs and I supplied a zip tie. Note to the wife’s, the lady’s husband was also in attendance. We set off to climb to Morridge, Nick D and myself pushing to the top. Nick D pulled away on the final corner and I had nothing left to catch him. We waited for Ant A at the top who came flying past and up the road before we even spotted him so we raced off to catch up. The pace picked up for the road in to Leek and Ant A won the sprint with his sly move. We arrived back in Leek at 2.30pm after a tough fifty eight mile ride. Thanks to all riders for navigating along the route.

Nick Avins

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