Club Run – October 1st 2017

“Whose nature prefers trees without leaves and a fire in the fireplace”

 Extract from Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice.

Six riders rode out to Ganney Bank to support Leek CC riders Rob Howson and Tony Cope. We rode out to Rudyard and up the bank which soon warmed everyone up. We rode over the Lask Edge road and in to Timbersbrook and on to the course. Here we met up with Tony and Rob and it was decided that we should ride the course to the top where we could find a space to see the riders go past. We rode up the course and all remarked on how steep it was in sections and also the length of the climb which made us respect the riders even more. We found a driveway and were able to park the bikes and soon the first rider came past. It was painful to see the facial expressions some riders made as they could see the end in sight. One rider almost collided with a car wing mirror due to riding in the middle of the road but no harm done and the rider made it to the finish. Rob H was in sight and powered up the final push to the summit. Tony C seemed to be flying as he came past. A great effort by both riders. We joined them at the top and all the riders were amazed at Tony C’s minimalist hill climb bike with it lack of bar tape and other weight saving tricks.

Rob H decided to ride with us to Jodrell Bank for a cafe stop. Dan N had to be back in Leek so decided to ride back by a more direct route.We rode through Congleton and Swettenham and Goostrey and soon reached Jodrell Bank after a fast paced ride. All the riders shared a large table and enjoyed Beans On Toast and Bacon Rolls. The conversation covered Classic Land Rovers which made my day as did seeing the one in a field awaiting rescue.

We decided to ride back via the Wizard and Rob H left us to make his own way back to Leek by a shorter route which given his effort that morning is understandable. We rode through a flood in Over Peover which caused some unprintable comments to be uttered. We rode through Mathall and Great Warford before tackling the climb up to the Wizard. We re-grouped at the top and rode on to Gawsworth where Nick D took us along a new road to Bosley. Sadly a Discovery driver did not agree with riders being in front of him on a narrow lane and beeped his horn and suggested that Nick D and Jamie should pull over for him and I persume doff their caps to him when he passed. It takes the entitlement part of the driving license to new heights. At this point, “Two Sauces” SImcock’s bike decided to give us a soundtrack of squealing noises as he peddled. I would like to say we were supportive and we were but from far up the road, away from the noise! We re-grouped by Rudyard lake and advice was given as to the possible cause so hopefully the issue will be solved soon. We arrived back in Leek at 2pm after a fifty three mile ride. Thanks to all the riders and congratulations to Rob and Tony who finished 1st & 3rd overall and well done for flying the flag for Leek CC also.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

to see a short video from the Hill Climb click on the link below

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