Club Run – November 12th 2017

Seven riders set out for Bonsall following the directions provided by our Dear Leader, Paul H. We rode out along Compton and turned off along Southbank before turning on to Ashbourne road where we made a left turn to arrive near the top of Buxton Road. We rode this strange route in order to avoid the remembrance parade taking place around Leek. Here there was a accident as Rob fell off and hit the kerb due to a sudden stop of the group. We thought he might have broken his wrist but he insisted he was feeling fine and after a moment to recover, he rode on. We attacked mini Thorncliffe where “Two Sauces Simcock” defeated me again after riding off like a MP fleeing the Ethics Committee. There was some concern again about Rob due to feeling numb but he insisted he wanted to continue. We rode down in to Warslow, grateful to get out of the cold wind. Here Rob decided to return to Leek. We all hope he is feeling better and look forward to seeing him out again soon. We soon reached Hartington and tackled the long climb up to Newhaven. The pace picked up here on the Cromford road but I was keen to get warmed up! We headed off towards Winster and made a right turn to take us to Bonsall. We pulled over just before the village in order to observe the two minutes silence, thanks to all riders for taking part to honour those club members who served in the forces. We soon reached the Fountain Inn and met up with Ant A who had left leek at Nine am. Riders were impressed by the large portions and I loved the fruit flapjack and the 110 LR belonging to the cafe outside, what more could you want?

We rode back via the main Cromford road and set a good pace all the way up the climb to Longcliffe. Here we had a nice descent down in to Parwich and a long steady climb in to Alsop En Le Dale. We headed for Milldale and Wetton where we had a short stop for gels and bananas. We dropped in to the Manifold Valley and through Sawinsley Tunnel and up the bank in to Butterton where myself and Adrian D duelled on the climb. Chris E was riding strong as well and dropped the once mighty “Two Sauces”. We rode in to Onecote and up towards Morridge where a few riders including myself left the group in order to get back early. Phil Simcock rode hard and soon left us behind. Note to Amanda, please can you let him out of the cellar to ride with us next week? We arrived back in Leek at ten past two after a Fifty one point seven mile ride, very important that point seven. Thanks to Paul H for leading the ride.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


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