Club Run – January 14th 2018

After a frustrating break from the Sunday rides due to the cold, it was nice to be able to ride out with the club. Sixteen club members had the same idea and we decided to head to Carsington, heading along Ashbourne road and on the Bottom House before reaching Ipstones Edge. We dropped down in to Ellastone where we were treated to a live concert with a man playing a Clarinet outside which was a surprise. We turned off for Norbury and passed the Second World war Gun emplacements by the River Dove, still standing guard after all these years. We continued in to Snelston and across the main Derby road before passing over what was the runway of the Ashbourne Air field. We passed through Bradley and passed the hall which was the home of the Maynal family who were the inventors of Fox hunting, just a little bit of local history which may interest people. The pace began to pick up as riders could see the Dam road and knew if would kick off as it soon did with a group of riders battling it out. I did make a move but soon found myself battling the wind and dropped off. Al C won but we made him work for it!

At the cafe, I managed to buy Dave M breakfast to thank him for his efforts to make Lucy’s cab warmer, thanks Dave!. New rider Jordan decided to carb load with a giant Cookie, Short Bread and two flapjacks.

He may have regretted this at the foot of Brassington bank with all that extra weight not to mention the slice of Flapjack that defeated him!.  I thought I might have made it second to Al C but Nick D had other ideas and passed me near the junction, I am not bitter about these things. We chose to ride along the main road and pass through Pike Hall and turn for Hartington and climb up to warlsow. Here we were dropped by a fat Bike! Of course we gave chase and managed to pass him but a great effort on such a heavy bike on the climb. The group split up at Morridge and some continued in to Leek where we arrived at 2PM after a fifty three mile ride and three sets of mudguards destroyed so not bad

Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.

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