Club Run – February 4th 2018

Nine riders decided to ride to Matlock, we rode out along Ashbourne road and up to Bottom House. Aide H had to turn off here due to health issues and thought it best to return. We wish him well and hope to see him soon. We carried on in to Ashbourne where we had a Peugeot car peeping at us for some reason, maybe they were so ashamed to be seen out in such a car? We rode past St Oswalds church and noted the bells were very much out of tune so we pity the neighbours. We continued through Fenny Bentley and before reaching Cromford, Dave M and Dan N turned off the head back due to time constraints but it was nice to see them out. I was nominated Ride Leader and so set off for Cromford but soon Phil S launched a coup and took over and decided we would head for Bonsall due to the late arrival of the group. Note to Amanda, not to worry as we all know who is really in charge! We arrived at the Fountain Inn and found a long table to accommodate the group. Bonsall is said to be the UFO capital of the UK due to a high number of strange sights, some of which have been filmed and created interest around the world but nothing spotted during our visit.

Phil S and I rode to the front to guide the group while at the same time thinking where are we? We seemed to get away with it and soon found our route home as we headed out of Bonsall towards Winister before turning for Pikehall and Newhaven. Here we decided to head for Biggin and head for Hartington from there.  Here things got out of hand as Rob saw two other riders and set off to drop them while at the same time dropping the group and missing the turning. We shouted but he was going too fast so we waited in Hartington hoping to see him there but so fast was his pace that he had reached Hulme End so we set off to meet up there. After some good fun telling Rob off, we continued to Warslow and tackled the long climb to Morridge and the fun descent in to Thorncliffe although I was worried about ice but we all made it down in one piece. At the start of the ride “Two Sauces Symcock” told me he would be strong at the start of the ride but would fade at the end so where was he at the end of the ride? At the front, dropping all riders, sprinting for Leek! We arrived back at ten to two after a fifty mile ride. Thanks to the many riders who took turn to lead the ride.

Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.

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