Club Run – February 11th 2018

Freezing temperatue and snow showers forecast and I still kitted up for our 9am meet. Blaming the weather the 8am group decided they would start at 9am as well, so when I turned up there was already a dozen ‘earlies’ waiting. Another half dozen riders arrived then we set of towards Cheshire.
By Poole End we were already in two groups ( as agreed when we started), and I and five others watched the larger group disappear.
Just prior to reaching Marton the lead group stood cold while one of theirs fixed a puncture. We later found out that shortley after this event some of their group decided the snowy showers were no fun and headed home. The rest of them went on to Joderall Bank for their stop.
We carried on to Twemlow Green, then knutsford, stopping at ‘the lambing shed’ for our fix. As we parked the bikes the loudest bang startled us all, as the noise carried on we realised it was a clap of thunder. Hail lashed down for the next ten, while we were warm and dry.
Our return trip was less showery and took us through Chelford, Siddington, Gawsworth. While we were approaching River Dane a Range Rover with a cherished plate decided to hit the horn and drive as close as they dare, tosser!
And soon after that the Joderall group caught and passed us.
As usual, we all gathered opposite the Dyers, swapped insults, then split for home, another good ride.

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier

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