Club Run – February 18th 2018

Thirteen riders set out for the Salt Box Cafe at Hatton, we rode out along Ashbourne Road and up to Bottom House before turning along Ipstones Edge. Here we rode through thick fog before dropping down in to the clear in Ellistone and Norbury. We  continued through Cubley and Alkmonton. Here we had some issues with directions as the term ” Right turn” was miss-understood and we had to chase down a few riders before we could continue. The pace picked up as we were on a long flat and we soon pulled in to Hatton and the cafe. Phil S was in a panic as his order was taking too long to arrive and was pacing up and down before at last his food arrived. He was soon busy trying to convert Jordan in to trying two sauces but he was not willing to try thus proving there is only one “Two Sauces” here. For a truckers cafe, there was  a crowd of cyclists which was great to see.

Dan N had to be back early and knew of a short cut back so we headed to Sudbury via a adventure course over a bridge which tested riders balance as we had to ride around barriers but we all had fun before joining the path along the A50. We passed through Sudbury and the Hall which was busy with half term visitors before riding in to Dovebridge and Uttoxeter.  The pace picked up and we soon warmed up, racing through Tean and in to Cheadle. Sadly, two drivers seemed to take offence that we should dare to use the roads which spoiled the ride somewhat. We carried on in to Kingsley where Chris E took time to remind us all that he would be turning off for the short ride home while we had a few more miles to ride. After a short Leek CC WI meeting where jam making was discussed, I am not making this up!, we carried on to Consall and to Cheddelton where we left Dave M to make his way home. A weary group of riders returned to Leek at 1.45pm after a tough fifty nine mile ride. Thanks to Dave M and Rich C for keeping us in order.

Nick A, failed washing machine plumber.

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