Club Run – March 11th

Seven riders met at the Market Place where the more mature riders were busy boasting of their twenty year old immune systems as recently reported in the news. We decided to head for Hassop Station and rode up Buxton road before turning for Thornclife and heading up the climb to Morridge. We turned by the Mermaid and dropped down in to Warslow which was a fast descent for the group. We had to ride around a broken down car at Hulme End as it was in the middle of the road but we soon reached Hartington and rode in to Longdale and crossed the main road to head to Lathkill Dale where the steep climb soon had everyone warmed up. We dropped down into Bakewell and turned off for Hassop. The cafe was busy with people out for Mother’s Day but we soon found seats and ordered food and drinks. Phil G entertained the group with his films of club rides over the past week. Leek CC the movie coming soon, I just need to finish the script and work out if Lea Thompson of Back To The Future fame could play my love interest!
We rode back to Leek via Sheldon bank and the rough road to Moneyash where we soon got fed up of pointing out pot holes and decided to try and find a smooth patch of road. We headed for Crowdecote and the steep climb in to Longnor. We rode up through Fawfield Head and the long climb to Morridge. Here, Rich C was in the lead and we decided not to challenge him but he started to tire and so the group took over. Just over the middle part of the climb, there was a blue bur that shot past, Dave M on the attack. Simon M chased but Dave destroyed him and took the climb! We re-grouped and dropped down in to Thornclife and back to Leek at five past one after a forty three mile ride. Thanks to Phil G for leading the ride.
Nick A, Leek’s King Of Obsolete.

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