Club Run – April 8th 2018

Seven riders set out for Jodrell Bank via Rudyard and Rushton Spencer. Ade M was leading and providing advice on riding as a group, this being a club ride after all and we are getting in to some bad habits. We stuck together and supported each other. We turned off the main road and headed to North Rode and Marton before reaching Tremlow Green and Goostrey. We turned right here to head to Jodrell bank and admired a new small, housing estate while trying not to think about how much a home there would cost. The bike shed and the garden fence was crowded with bikes which was a nice sight but we managed to find space while Ant A took advantage of the confusion to rush to the till. Riders were amused by the large plates and tiny flapjacks offered.

As we rode out we heard a motor bike fall over and the group discussed the potential cost. The group was asked to stick together and NOT RIDE OFF! With this in mind, we set off back and were passed by a Morgan three wheel road run group which put a smile on our faces with a mixture of Jap and Norton engines on display. We waved to the drivers and carried on. When riding on the main road, we were peeped at by a few Euro box drivers which was a sad change from the classic car drivers. We turned off and headed to Siydington but two riders failed to note the turn and so carried on so it was decided to carry on. We rode on to Gawsworth where a stop was made to take off layers as it was warming up but no complaints from us after such a cold Winter. We decided to ride over the main Mac road and continue to Sutton Lane Ends where riders spotted a house sign informing people it was The Old Poor House while the house next door had a sign informing us that it was Still The Poor House!. Chris E was having problems with a noisy front wheel bearing but we suspected it sounded more like a electric motor! Another stop was made to remove more layers and we rode in to Wincle and back on to the main Mac road to head back to Leek. Here the pace picked up and it was every rider for himself. Myself and Ade M struggled to move up but we passed riders to gain the front and I was leading but then Ade M rushed pass in a blur and I was laughing too much to attack. We re-grouped at the car park and to our surprise Rob turned up in his car and told us where the missing riders had got to. It was a great, forty seven mile ride and thanks to Ade M for leading and advising.

Nick A

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