Club Run – April 15th 2018

Eleven riders turned out to ride to Carsington. We rode up Ashbourne Road and up to Bottom House before turning for Ipstones Edge. The weather turned colder up in the hills which was a shock after the warmth of Saturday. We carried along through Ramshorn and down in to Ellistone and Norbury and Snelston before reaching the main Derby road. We headed for Bradley and met a angry driver who seemed to think they own the road. All I can say is that if they did own it then they are not looking after it very well! After Bradley the mad sprint pass carsington started. We had decided to try the Pudding Room as we keep passing it and always mention we should try it so we were brave and went in. It was much smaller than the Visitor centre but the prices were reasonable although they did not serve Beans On Toast much to Dave M’s distress.

When we came out, it started raining so we decided to head back to Leek via a more direct route through Tissington so we rode in to Brassington before turning off and headed to the ford and it looked as if one brave lady had been paddling as she was drying off her feet in a car, very brave considering the water temperature! We rode on past Tissington hall and crowds of walkers before descending in to Ilam . Here, Ant A left us to head back by the main road as he had been suffering over the ride, get well soon Ant. We took on the long climb out of Ilam and re-grouped at the top before reaching Alstonfield. We passed through Hulme End and climbed up to Warslow and took on the long climb to the Mermaid. I pulled over for a call of nature and the group took full advantage to race on so I had a lot of hard work to catch up and to my surprise passed a few riders before reaching the top. We had a brief stop and the talk centred on the Thursday chain gang ride, thanks for the invite but as it involves co-ordination and I walk like a puppet with its strings cut then I would be useless. We dropped down in to Thorncliffe and arrived back in to Leek at five past two, after a fifty five mile ride. Thank to all riders as this week, we did not lose any riders by racing off without looking back.

Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.

The photo above is from the 8am Club Run, they rode over to Bakewell via Hartington and then back to Leek via Monsal Head.

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