9AM Club Run – April 29th 2018

Six riders set out for Whaley Bridge under the watchful eye of Dave Mag who thought of the route. We rode out along the main Mac road before heading off towards Wincle and over the main road in to Wildboarclough. Here we passed over the Cat & Fiddle road and dropped down past the reservoir and turned on to the main road to take us in to Kettlehume and in to Whaley Bridge. We passed those Sunday warriors also known as the eight am group on the way in to town which was a nice surprise, must have been a long loop for the group. Dave Mag led us to the new café where a board outside proclaimed there would be “Free coffee, Topless staff and false advertising” so how could we not be tempted? It was a small café but one with the largest selection of cakes and flapjacks we have ever seen. The group had to huddle outside as there was no other seats but we were soon chatting with the locals and trying to devour the large helpings of cakes. The Peanut Butter Brownie was wonderful and I felt like I had eaten a three course meal after that.

The chill was getting to some riders judging by the shivering so we set off along the Buxton road and tried to catch up with Ant A who was well ahead of the group and to our cheers, was overtaking other riders on the climb. We passed him just before the turn to the Goyt Valley. Here we had a welcome drop in to the valley and past the reservoir before heading to Derbyshire Bridge where we had a brief stop. It was decided to head to Flash and so we rode past Flash bar and in to the village before heading to Morridge for a change as we hoped to be blown along the road. we dropped into Thornclife and arrived back in Leek at 1.30 after a great, forty six mile ride. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride.

Nick A, Leek’s king Of Obsolete

The 9AM Group who stopped off in Whaley Bridge

(Above) The 8AM group, who stopped off at Chinley for a cafe stop. They rode over via Meerbrook & Dove Holes and the returned to Leek via the Goyt Valley and Flash, a scenic 50 miles ride.

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