Club Run – May 6th 2018

Six riders met up at the Fine Food market where Aide D made the first cafe stop of the day before the ride had even started. We decided to go to Hassop and rode out along Ashbourne Road before turning for Buxton road and Thorncliffe. We dropped in to Warslow and the pace picked up on the long descent and I was dropped. We re-grouped and rode in to Hulme End and on to Hartington. We were passed by a rider on a Penny farthing which was a nice surprise. We turned off for Longdale and Parsley Hay before heading in to Youlgrave and Bakewell. Aide D turned off to head back but nice to see him out. We reached Hassop Station and laid claim on a table outside to enjoy the warmth in contrast to last week when we were shivering. The group enjoyed the feast of Beans On Toast and other delights.

We headed back via Sheldon Bank but turned off in to Sheldon village for a change and rode to Chellmorton on a long , quiet road before reaching the main road at Breilow Bar. This must be the first time I have passed the book shop without calling in. We took on the long climb to Glutton Bridge but Dan N was determined to lead so dropped the group. We rode in to Longnor and turned for New Town and climbed up to Morridge. The conversation tuned to Men’s health checks to take our minds off the climb but maybe the thought of the climb would be better!. We dropped back in to Thornclife and the pace picked up for the finish on Buxton Road. We arrived back in leek at 13.06 after a fun, forty seven mile ride. Thanks to Dave M and Aide M for leading the ride.

Nick A , Leek CC’s Hobbit

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