Club Run – May 13th 2018

Four riders set out for Jodrell Bank. Dave M was leading and decided we would go a different route and as I would ahve to use a step ladder in order to stand up to him, I had no choice but to follow. We rode out along the main Mac road and turned off for Rudyard and tackled the climb to Lask Edge, here Rob who could not pedal any slower led the group to the top. We rode through Astbury and in to Bartlid before reaching Holmes Chappel. The Thursday night chain gang must be helping Dave M judging by the fast pace as we rode along the main road. I was hoping a passing Police car might have pulled him for speeding which would have been fun but they carried on. We thankfully turned off for Tremlow Green and soon we could see the telescope. We pulled in and found a table outside to enjoy the warm sun. Dave M almost sent his Beans on Toast flying but caught it in time. A food order was called out for Chris so he responded but found out it had Bacon but started to eat it anyway. A few minutes later another order for Chris was called so he admitted his mistake and was told to carry on and enjoy the free Bacon!. Two unnamed riders brought their bikes in to the garden and were told to remove them, so that’s someone else’s food order eaten and bikes in the garden, will we allowed back?

We rode back via Gawsworth and Sutton Lane Ends before we took on the long climb to Wincle. We turned on to the main Mac road before racing back in to Leek at 13.13PM after a forty eight mile ride. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and for the two riders who joined us, Rob and Chris.

Nick A

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