Club Run – July 15th 2018

Nine riders set out for hope, including Rick  from Hong Cong who was visiting family so we had quite a international feel to the ride. We rode out along Buxton road and turned for Thorncliffe and dropped in to longnor where Phil S left us to continue back to Leek by a different route. We took on the long climb to Brielow Bar and enjoyed the fast descent in to Millers Dale and under the two railway viaducts. Monuments to the folly of transport planning fifty years ago. The group enjoyed the ride through Tideswell and past the Cathedral Of the Peak. it was decided to head down the main road and not the lanes due to the recent rain washing gravel down the lanes. Soon we arrived in hope and pulled in to the Grasshopers Café. We found a table but there was a lack of seats so we asked if we could use a garden bench but this produced a look that said if we did that then the universe would come to a grinding halt. However, we could use benches from inside. Never ever mess with a country garden layout.The riders enjoyed the feast of beans on toast and Chris E had a brick sized slice of banana bread.

After the carb loading, we took on Winnit’s pass and all made it to the top before we headed for Peak Forrest and the back street’s of Buxton. We then headed back over Axe Edge and in to Flash. Here Dan N and Rick rode back along the main road while we rode back via back of the Roaches and in to Meerbrook and Abbey Green and arrived back in leek at 2.30pm after a hot, fifty five mile ride. Thanks to Dr B for leading the ride.

Nick A

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