Club Run – July 22nd 2018

Eighteen cadence chasers turned out for Sunday’s ride to Whaley Bridge but due to a mechanical on Gun Hill, this was reduced to seventeen. We rode out down Mill Street and along Abbey Green before taking on Gun Hill. We passed through Danebridge and Wincle before re-grouping to form a chain gang on the way to Wildbourclough. The more relaxed riders enjoyed the views before catching up at the Cat And Fiddle road. The group dropped down in to the Goyt Valley before reaching the foot of Pym’s chair. Riders were strung along the steep slope but Rich C took the KOM title. After a brief respite at the top, we turned left to head towards Kettleshume but took another right to head in to Whaley Bridge. The group arrived at the Bridge Bakehouse and soon found seats and chatted to other cafe customers about where we had ridden from and where we were going. Out choice of cafe had nothing to do with the claim that the staff were topless, we went for the coffee and cakes only you understand. The topless claim was a joke although we should join together to bring a claim under the Trade Description Act.

We headed back via Long Hill and it was long as well, never thought I would make the climb. The group dropped down the fast descent in to the Goyt Valley and along the dam before heading to Derbyshire Bridge and the Cat And Fiddle road. We decided to head down to Allgreave as it was down hill to give our tired legs a rest. The climb to Flash and the turn for the Roaches was a tough one. Dave M and Chris E and myself had fun battling to lead and once again, Chris E stuck to my wheel on the climb to the Back Of The Roaches. We met up in Meerbrook and some riders turned off just before Abbey Green to head home while the main group arrived back in Leek at 2pm after a forty nine mile ride. Thanks to Dave M for planning or should that be plotting the ride, The UN has been informed and charges may be brought for such suffering.

Nick A

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