Club Run – August 4th 2018

Sixteen riders turned out to ride to Bonsall including Simon M riding a vintage Raleigh frame from the early thirties. We rode out along Springfield and on to Ashbourne road before turning on to School lane in Bradnop where we tackled the fearsome climb to Morridge. One rider was trying to beat a horse to the top and just made it proving what a tough climb it is. We had a fast descent in to Onecote and on to the Manifold Valley and once again, a tough climb to Milldale before reaching Parwich. The group split up on the long climb to Longcliffe but we soon re-grouped at the top and took off for the descent towards Cromford before turning off for Bonsall and the cafe. Here we sat out in the roasting heat of the day, enjoying beans on toast and coffee and cake.

We headed out of the village towards Winster and for some strange reason there was a line of both female and male underware decorating the street, what strange, Derbyshire custom is this? We rode on though Pikehall and on to Newhaven before turning for Biggin and Hartington. Here Rob B bravely swapped bikes with Simon and to our amazement set off at a fast pace through the village before we caught up with him just before Hulme End. We re-grouped in Warslow and prepared to face the long climb to the Mermaid. Sean M managed to stick to my wheel on the way and soon the group reached the top and on to Thornclife. Here the pace picked up for the mad sprint in to Leek which was won by Simon M. We arrived back at 13.59, after forty eight point 83 miles. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and it was nice to see Ian P out with the club, hope to see him again soon.

Nick A, Leek CC’s “Raul Duke”. If you get the reference great, if not the you need to read more.

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