Legbreaker “Hell of the Moorlands” 2018

Fifty five riders turned out to ride the Legbreaker this year. This year, we had a choice of two routes, the eighty mile and a fifty four mile route but both were testing with some steep climbs. Riders set out in groups to avoid blocking the road and soon the sprinters were out in force. I will not describe the route as we all familiar with it but concentrate on the different approaches to nutrition. One unnamed riders was carb loading on sausage rolls as the box was much lighter when loaded ready for the feed station. Another rider had a large collection of energy gels as well as can of coke and more gels waiting at the feed station. I am not mocking them as I will never be even a fraction of the riders they are.
The feed station at Ecton was a great set up for the club as we had a gazebo to shelter riders and helpers from the rain. “Two Sauces Symcock” came out to help along with Mandy and Sarah Coates. Phil denies he made any tips from helping with the teas! Many thanks to you all for providing much needed refreshments. It was nice to see so many new riders having a go at the ride as it is a brutal one and I hope they had fun. The rain kept off for most of the ride but riding towards Lask Edge, it poured down so it was a wet finish for the ride. The atmosphere in Den Engels was a welcome finish to the ride. Thanks to Phil and Andy Bain for helping with the signs and for setting us off at the start.
Nick A

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