Club Run – September 30th 2018

And now, every fool in Buxton can be in bakewell in half an hour, and every fool in Bakewell at Buxton” John Ruskin.
Nine riders set out for Hassop , riding out along Buxton Road before turning off for Thorncliffe. The mist descended as we climbed and we could not see the Roaches but as we dropped in to Warslow, we could see it clearing. We had a fast descent in to Hulme End and a good pace sprint in to Hartington. We rode along Long Dale before reaching Parsley Hay and here we re-grouped before riding in to Youlgrave. Here we managed to lose Neil as he rode in to Lathkill Dale but we called him and gave directions to the cafe. Meantime, we rode in to Bakewell and up to Hassop. Although we lost Neil, he still managed to be at the front of the queue, still not as fast as Ant A who was collecting his food while we were still waiting for drinks.
We decided to head back via Great Longstone although Ant A rode off towards Sheldon Bank to make his own way back. We rode on through Little Longstone and in to Cressbrook. Here Sean M managed to make a comedy moment of the year but as it was a double entendre, I dare not repeat it here!.  We stopped to take a few pictures of the group and of the Headstone viaduct hence the quote from Ruskin. We rode on and took on the climb to Littleton before dropping in to Miller’s Dale and the climb out of the valley. There was a little confusion on my part over the route and I carried on to the top and had to go back down to the Taddington turn to catch up with the group. At Moneyash, we had a brief stop to decide on which route to take as the Crowdecote road had been closed for weeks but we thought we would try and see if it was open. It was open and so we carried on in to Longnor where another stop was made to decide on which road to take and you though Brexit was complicated!. Rich C and I made a choice and we rode in to Newtown to take on the last climb. Sean M rode off and the call came that the ride leaders were sending “Little Nick” after him so off I went. We re-grouped at the top and carried on in to Leek where we arrived at two twenty pm after a fifty five mile ride. Thanks to Paul H and Rich C for leading the ride.
Nick A, Leek CC’s ” Raul Duke”. ( This was a pseudonym used by Hunter S Thompson in his book, “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas)

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