Club Run – October 28th 2018

Eight of us gathered at 9am, not sure if any forgot to alter there clocks and turned out at 8am. It was only 2 degrees but the sun felt nice. I suggested a new cafe at Great Haywood, so off we went, Ipstones Edge, Ellastone, Roston, Uttoxeter, Blithfield Res, Great Haywood, Canalside farm Cafe. The cafe was very busy, but we got served and sat outside ( a very nice spot next to the canal). We all had chilled as we sat and when we started back the headwind was biting.
Hixon, Uttoxeter, Checkley, Cheadle, Consall, Home. Our route through Uttoxeter had a closed road section, luckily we found a very winding path option to navigate around the new JCB junction.
Back for 2pm with all having had a good ride.

Dave Magnier

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