Club Run – November 4th 2018

Fourteen riders set out for Bollington, setting out down Mill Street and passed Rudyard lake and Bosley lights. The Thursday night chain gangers were out in force and I was just about hanging on at the back. These are amazing riders. We turned off for Gawsworth and on to Broken cross and Prestbury. There was some confusion here as Rich Coates headed off back to Leek as he wanted a short ride but as we were not aware, we thought he had taken the wrong turn and so waited for him! We carried on and were soon descending in to Bollington and the Mill Cafe. It was quite busy and we sat outside but it was mild so we were soon enjoying coffee and food.
Phil G and Aide M and Mark decided to head back to Leek by the direct route so we carried on to Ginclough but on the first steep climb, Paul H continued to have gear slipping so decided to head back by a flat route which as excuses go is a good one! We carried on to the Cat and Fiddle road where Rob B was looking for a smooth part of the road, we assume he is still looking for this as the road is so full of pot holes you have to keep zig zaging to avoid them. We dropped in to the Goyt Valley and in to Wincle and Danebridge before stopping near to Gun Hill where we met Andy Bain just out on a ride on his new Winter bike which was much admired by the group. We carried on back in to Leek vi the Rudyard road and soon we were all racing back. Sean M was telling me all about trying to keep up with me on the hills and yet who overtook the group on the final hill? Sean M! He came flying past and only Nick D could respond, I was too busy laughing. Nick D managed to catch him and take the sprint. We all arrived back in leek at One PM after a thirty seven mile ride. Thanks to Dave M and Rich C for leading the ride and for looking after our safety when we unaware we were bunching up on the road. It was good to see  Phil G out again after a period of ill health.
Nick A

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