Club Run – November 25th 2018

Sixteen riders set out for Grindelford, heading out along Buxton Road and Thorncliffe before climbing up to the Mermaid to admire the mist. The peleton turned for Warslow and Hulme End before riding in to Hartington where we turned left for a change to head to Long Dale by the quiet route. We headed to Parsley Hay and crossed the main Ashbourne road before heading towards Youlgrave but we turned off just before to drop down in to lathkill Dale and in to Bakewell. Here we joined the  Christmas traffic jam before making our escape in to Hassop and on to Calver. Steve B turned off to head back to Leek by a tour around Buxton. Meantime, we re-grouped and took on the long climb to Grindelford and up to the station cafe where we soon in the queue for buckets of tea and coffee and platefuls of food.
Rich Coghill wanted to ride a little further so two riders joined him for the ride while the main group rode back in to Grindelford and up to Eyam and on to Foolow before dropping in to Tideswell and Miller’s Dale where restoration work is being carried out to the steps used by people abseiling from it, brave people is all I can say about that. We took on the climb to Taddington and carried on in to Monnyash before heading back to Parsley Hay and Longdale before turning for Crowdecote and Longnor. We continued on in to Newtown where I asked to ride on while others waited for the group as my hand warmers were giving up the battle. Two other rides rode with me and we returned to Leek at ten past three after a sixty mile ride. Thanks to Phil Gayes for leading the ride and to Dave Mags for supporting a struggling rider. But enough about cycling, what you really want to read about is Denise Coates, the local betting company boss who paid herself two hundred and sixty million pounds a close relative of Rich Coates? He denies this which means the ” Dear Denise, you may not remember me” letter is in the post!
Nick A and Lucy

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