Club Run – December 23rd 2018

Fourteen riders set out for Hartington while the more sensible ones stayed at home and stuffed them self’s with mince pies. We headed out in the rain along Buxton road and in to Thornclife where the steep climb warmed us all up before we rode in to the gloom over Morridge before dropping in to Longnor. Here Sean M managed to overtake Rob H on a hill and insisted this be recorded for the archives and so he owes me a catering size slab of Swiss chocolate for my effort! Of course, on the climb out of Crowdecote, Rob H left us all behind. Here, it was decided to cut short the ride due to the cold and rain and other excuses so we headed down Longdale where the thrash group well and truly took off and dropped me, this was on a down hill section just to rub it in. Soon we were all warming up in the Hartington Farm Shop and enjoying coffee and bacon rolls and other delights as well as Dave M’s baking efforts.
It was decided to head back through Hulme End and Warslow and on to Oncote to avoid the cold on Morridge again. We dropped out of the wind and in to Bradnop and were soon back in Leek where the group were able to prop up the bar in Den Engles and enjoy the afternoon there. Thanks to Paul H for leading the ride and for putting up with many complaints about the cold and rain.
Happy Christmas from Nick and Lucy.

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