Club 5 – 2018

Leek Cyclists Club 5 Mile TT Results 2018

(Rushton to Leek Course)

Jordan is the overall winner and Club Champion!
There was a tight tussle for the other podium spots, with Tony taking second from Rob by 35/100 of a second.

Generally slightly slower times than last year, mostly due to the headwind that picked up just at the “right” time.

Well done to all the competitors and thanks to all who supported, took photos or otherwise helped. And a big thank you to Kelvin and Rachel at the White Lion for opening specially for us again (they are normally shut on Monday).

1Jordon Hill10:51.00Leek CCClub 5 Champion 2018
2Andy Magnier11:01.00(Leisure Lake Bikes)
3Tony Cope11:07.26Leek CC
4Rob Howson11:07.61Leek CC
5Andy Baddeley11:14.00Leek CC
6Nick Avins11:26.00Leek CC
7Rich Coghill11:46.00Leek CC
8Jamie Jeffery11:50.00Leek CC
8Josh Wilkes11:50.00
10Adrian Derbyshire12:14.00Leek CC
11Steve Briggs12:15.00Leek CC
11Rich Coates12:15.00Leek CC
13Barry Riley12:27.00Leek CC
14Dave Magnier13:07.00Leek CC
15Paul Hayward13:08.00Leek CC