Club Run – April 15th 2018


Eleven riders turned out to ride to Carsington. We rode up Ashbourne Road and up to Bottom House before turning for Ipstones Edge. The weather turned colder up in the hills which was a shock after the warmth of Saturday. We carried along through Ramshorn and down in to Ellistone and Norbury and Snelston before reaching the main Derby road. We headed for Bradley and met a angry driver who seemed to think they own the road. All I can say is that if they did own it then they are not looking after it very well! After Bradley the mad sprint pass carsington started. We had decided to try the Pudding Room as we keep passing it and always mention we should try it so we were brave and went in. It was much smaller than the Visitor centre but the prices were reasonable although they did not serve Beans On Toast much to Dave M’s distress.

When we came out, it started raining so we decided to head back to Leek via a more direct route through Tissington so we rode in to Brassington before turning off and headed to the ford and it looked as if one brave lady had been paddling as she was drying off her feet in a car, very brave considering the water temperature! We rode on past Tissington hall and crowds of walkers before descending in to Ilam . Here, Ant A left us to head back by the main road as he had been suffering over the ride, get well soon Ant. We took on the long climb out of Ilam and re-grouped at the top before reaching Alstonfield. We passed through Hulme End and climbed up to Warslow and took on the long climb to the Mermaid. I pulled over for a call of nature and the group took full advantage to race on so I had a lot of hard work to catch up and to my surprise passed a few riders before reaching the top. We had a brief stop and the talk centred on the Thursday chain gang ride, thanks for the invite but as it involves co-ordination and I walk like a puppet with its strings cut then I would be useless. We dropped down in to Thorncliffe and arrived back in to Leek at five past two, after a fifty five mile ride. Thank to all riders as this week, we did not lose any riders by racing off without looking back.

Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.

The photo above is from the 8am Club Run, they rode over to Bakewell via Hartington and then back to Leek via Monsal Head.

Club Run – April 8th 2018


Seven riders set out for Jodrell Bank via Rudyard and Rushton Spencer. Ade M was leading and providing advice on riding as a group, this being a club ride after all and we are getting in to some bad habits. We stuck together and supported each other. We turned off the main road and headed to North Rode and Marton before reaching Tremlow Green and Goostrey. We turned right here to head to Jodrell bank and admired a new small, housing estate while trying not to think about how much a home there would cost. The bike shed and the garden fence was crowded with bikes which was a nice sight but we managed to find space while Ant A took advantage of the confusion to rush to the till. Riders were amused by the large plates and tiny flapjacks offered.

As we rode out we heard a motor bike fall over and the group discussed the potential cost. The group was asked to stick together and NOT RIDE OFF! With this in mind, we set off back and were passed by a Morgan three wheel road run group which put a smile on our faces with a mixture of Jap and Norton engines on display. We waved to the drivers and carried on. When riding on the main road, we were peeped at by a few Euro box drivers which was a sad change from the classic car drivers. We turned off and headed to Siydington but two riders failed to note the turn and so carried on so it was decided to carry on. We rode on to Gawsworth where a stop was made to take off layers as it was warming up but no complaints from us after such a cold Winter. We decided to ride over the main Mac road and continue to Sutton Lane Ends where riders spotted a house sign informing people it was The Old Poor House while the house next door had a sign informing us that it was Still The Poor House!. Chris E was having problems with a noisy front wheel bearing but we suspected it sounded more like a electric motor! Another stop was made to remove more layers and we rode in to Wincle and back on to the main Mac road to head back to Leek. Here the pace picked up and it was every rider for himself. Myself and Ade M struggled to move up but we passed riders to gain the front and I was leading but then Ade M rushed pass in a blur and I was laughing too much to attack. We re-grouped at the car park and to our surprise Rob turned up in his car and told us where the missing riders had got to. It was a great, forty seven mile ride and thanks to Ade M for leading and advising.

Nick A

Early Club Run – March 25th 2018


The start of BST promised to bring with it, the first decent weather we’ve had in weeks, so it was proposed to have a long run down to the Spiders Web Cafe, also known among us as “Jamie’s nans” at Albrighton, near to RAF Cosford.
As the intrepid mile munchers set off on their outward journey, they were accompanied by freezing fog, and poor visibility, which thankfully burnt off very quickly, and in time for the first minor hold up of the day, as Jordan punctured, and then realising that his spares and pump were in his other bike!! As it was a bit too early to jettison a pair of legs, the rest of us decided to stop and help….
We were soon up and running again, heading through Barlaston, Swinnerton, and down to Great Bridgford. Some “through and off” took us quickly to Yoxhall, where we headed into the lanes of south staffs and into Shropshire.
Unfortunately this tied in with where the local farmers had done their best to transfer everything that was in their fields, and onto the roads instead, so it was pick a wheel time and hope whoever you were following had mudguards!
Some miles later we were back onto normal tarmac again, and getting close to our destination, passing white ladies priory, and Boscobel House, before the fast road down to the cafe.
A very popular cafe,  we just about managed to squeeze ourselves in, and ordered beans on doorsteps and extra large coffees which came (and went) very quickly…
It was then mentioned about a pud, which pretty much everyone agreed on- jam sponge and custard!!
Feeling full and nearly raring to climb the hill back out of the village we were expecting a tailwind back, which didn’t materialise.
Back through Bishops wood, and across to Brewood, we made fairly light work of the miles, before hitting Penkridge and over Cannock Chase to Rugeley, where we climbed towards Blithfield reservoir, but turned off into the lanes of Drointon and Kingstone, before reaching Bramshall and uttoxeter.
With what we thought was the camels back broken, we came up through Leigh and towards Tean, where a few tired legs finally gave out. From here became a case of nursing the “blown” home, which we managed to do successfully.
As we came back into Leek, the 100 mile mark clicked over, to finish what had been a great days riding.
Written by Club Rider Phil Gayes

Club Run – April 1st 2018


Eleven riders set out for Audlem via a new route to avoid Stoke. We set off via Rudyard but lost two riders here who missed the turn. Sorry boys but we did try our best to chase you down. We climbed up to Congleton and in to Astbury before reaching Rode Heath and Alsager. As some riders had brought out their Summer bikes, we rode along some mud covered lanes which caused a few choice words to be uttered! We rode on through Balterley and Hankelow before reaching Audlem. Here we enjoyed endless cups of tea and coffee as we were well looked after by the owner who is used to supplying the needs of Cyclists. Of note to Phil ” Two Sauces”, Heinz was testing a new single bottle with both brown and red sauce thus saving time.

We headed back via Norton in Hales and Muckelstone and Coates Heath. Here, Dave M, Steve B and Rich C decided to head back via a more direct route but it was nice to see Rich c back out after a painful TT fall. We carried on to Swynerton and Barlaston. The pace proving to be tough for myself as I was right at the back but rode on. We reached Rough Close where  much needed stop was made for a sugar re-fill before carrying on to Meir Heath and Werrington and Wetly Rocks. At Cheddleton, we stopped to chat and thank Rich C, and then returned to Leek via Leekbrook, a 70 mile ride all in. Thanks to Phil G for both leading the ride and for providing me with a map to help write the log as I had little idea of the route taken.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – 25th March 2017


Seven riders met up for the nine am group. One group rode over to the Spiders Web Cafe near Cosford and another rode over to Hartington. We decided to head for Bonsal to avoid the thick fog in the valleys. Dave M took the lead and decided we should ride part of the cancelled reliablity ride so we rode up Ashbourne road before turning for School Lane, Bradnop which soon warmed up the group. We dropped down in to Whetton and the Manifold Valley before climbing out and in to Milldale. We headed in to Parwich and the long climb to Longcliffe. Here the group took off while Ant A and myself took a  more relaxed pace up the climb before the fast descent in to Bonsal which was fun. Adrian D won the climb to Longcliffe.  While riding out, we were amazed by a strange orb in the sky which gave out heat and light, something we have not seen much of in recent weeks so we took the rare chance to sit outside in the warmth for the first time this year. Dave M had his Beans On Toast but felt the need for cake as well so must have been a tough ride.

We headed back via Pikehall, Hartington and Hulme End before tacking on the climb to Warslow. Here we re-grouped and Chris E decided to head back home by a more direct route. We headed up the long climb to Morridge where myself and Adrian D battled it out. We all met up on the top and had a rest on the descent in to Thorncliffe and arrived  back in Leek at 1.50pm after a tough forty seven mile ride but all agreed the route was a enjoyable one given the views.

Nick A, Saddle sore expert, ouch!

Club Run – March 11th


Seven riders met at the Market Place where the more mature riders were busy boasting of their twenty year old immune systems as recently reported in the news. We decided to head for Hassop Station and rode up Buxton road before turning for Thornclife and heading up the climb to Morridge. We turned by the Mermaid and dropped down in to Warslow which was a fast descent for the group. We had to ride around a broken down car at Hulme End as it was in the middle of the road but we soon reached Hartington and rode in to Longdale and crossed the main road to head to Lathkill Dale where the steep climb soon had everyone warmed up. We dropped down into Bakewell and turned off for Hassop. The cafe was busy with people out for Mother’s Day but we soon found seats and ordered food and drinks. Phil G entertained the group with his films of club rides over the past week. Leek CC the movie coming soon, I just need to finish the script and work out if Lea Thompson of Back To The Future fame could play my love interest!
We rode back to Leek via Sheldon bank and the rough road to Moneyash where we soon got fed up of pointing out pot holes and decided to try and find a smooth patch of road. We headed for Crowdecote and the steep climb in to Longnor. We rode up through Fawfield Head and the long climb to Morridge. Here, Rich C was in the lead and we decided not to challenge him but he started to tire and so the group took over. Just over the middle part of the climb, there was a blue bur that shot past, Dave M on the attack. Simon M chased but Dave destroyed him and took the climb! We re-grouped and dropped down in to Thornclife and back to Leek at five past one after a forty three mile ride. Thanks to Phil G for leading the ride.
Nick A, Leek’s King Of Obsolete.

Reliability Postponed


Due to the adverse weather conditions over the course of the last couple of days we have decided to postpone the Leek CC Hilly Reliability. Hopefully once the snow and ice has cleared we will able to re arrange a new date. Once it has been arranged we will post it on webpage. Thankyou


Its is with great sadness we have to announce the untimely death of Geoff Turner, our generous host, sponsor and former club president.Geoff will be greatly missed by everyone at Leek CC and we would like to send our deepest condolences to Geoff’s family and friends. Due to these very sad circumstances we have decided to postpone the Prize Presentation after Sundays Reliability Ride. Once a new date is finalised we will post it onto the website.

Leek CC Hilly Reliability Ride


On Sunday March the 18th Leek Cyclists Club will be once again holding its annual Hilly Reliability Ride. The Paul Derbyshire Memorial Reliability is a scenic 52 mile ride through the Peak Distrtict, which takes in some lovely lanes & challenging climbs. Due to very sad circumstances we have decided to postpone the Buffet and Prize Presentation, once a new date is finalized we will post it. The ride will start in the Market Place in the centre of Leek & will finish in the Market Place where riders are asked to return so they can sign out, signing on is from 8.00am with the riders due to start at 8.30am.  If you are interested in riding the Reliability or please contact the email below.


Prices for the event are:
Ride only :             £4

For more information on the route & to download a GPS File of the route please click on the link below

It would be great to have a decent turn out to support the event, lets hope for some sunny weather & please everybody ride safe.

Club Run – February 25th 2018


Below is a Youtube video from Club Rider Steve Briggs showing the 9AM groups Club Run over to Bollington for a cafe stop. They rode through the Cheshire lanes on the way out and then hit the hills on the way back, which took them through the Goyt Valley and then through Wincle. The video is a great insight into our Club Runs, and the stunning scenery which we get to ride in every week. Click on the video to take a look, thanks Steve


Congleton CC 65 Mile Reliability


18th feb saw the second of Congleton cycling clubs reliability trials. After the previous 49er, the distance was increased upto 65 miles, whilst the choice of target speeds remains the same.
6 Leek CC riders decided they would ride out and back, to make it a 86-90 mile day.
Meeting at 8am in Leek, a cool start saw them ride steadily over to sign on in congleton, ready for a 9:15 start.
There were more people milling around at the start than a fortnight ago, so the organisers were setting us off in groups of 12 or less.
We plumped for an average speed of 18mph or more, and our time was ready to be set off. As it turned out, our group turned out to be just us 6.
With Jordan being “rotation manager” for the day, we soon got into our rhythm, doing short turns on the front, before peeling off for a few mins respite. The early miles flew by until Nick continued with his curse from last week, and picked up another puncture!
We weren’t ready to leave a man down, so waited and then got going again as a well organised little group.
Heading out of Middlewich, the weather began warming up, and into Wettenhall, we soon reached oulton park race track and the outskirts of Tarvin.
This is the point where although Cheshire is notionally “flat”, you start to notice the small drags especially when ridden at some sort of tempo, as we climbed up through Delamere forest, and back towards Warrington.
It wasn’t long before we were back in the lanes and heading through Comberbatch, Great Budworth and into the outskirts of Tabley and Knutsford.
From here we circumnavigated Peover Heath, where we started to lose a few tired legs, and then into the “homestraight” from Lower Withington, somerford and back into  Congleton, where we all had a well deserved cuppa and quite a lot of jaffacakes, before stirring our tired legs for the last push back over the bridestones (where nothing happened, did it Andy…..)
Even with 10 minutes or so lost to the puncture, and some of us slowing at the end, we still managed to more than manage our target speed, coming in at around 19mph for the 65.
Many thanks to Congleton CC for organising another great ride, and we’ll be there for the 100 in a fortnights time.
Written by Club Rider Phil Gayes

Club Run – February 18th 2018


Thirteen riders set out for the Salt Box Cafe at Hatton, we rode out along Ashbourne Road and up to Bottom House before turning along Ipstones Edge. Here we rode through thick fog before dropping down in to the clear in Ellistone and Norbury. We  continued through Cubley and Alkmonton. Here we had some issues with directions as the term ” Right turn” was miss-understood and we had to chase down a few riders before we could continue. The pace picked up as we were on a long flat and we soon pulled in to Hatton and the cafe. Phil S was in a panic as his order was taking too long to arrive and was pacing up and down before at last his food arrived. He was soon busy trying to convert Jordan in to trying two sauces but he was not willing to try thus proving there is only one “Two Sauces” here. For a truckers cafe, there was  a crowd of cyclists which was great to see.

Dan N had to be back early and knew of a short cut back so we headed to Sudbury via a adventure course over a bridge which tested riders balance as we had to ride around barriers but we all had fun before joining the path along the A50. We passed through Sudbury and the Hall which was busy with half term visitors before riding in to Dovebridge and Uttoxeter.  The pace picked up and we soon warmed up, racing through Tean and in to Cheadle. Sadly, two drivers seemed to take offence that we should dare to use the roads which spoiled the ride somewhat. We carried on in to Kingsley where Chris E took time to remind us all that he would be turning off for the short ride home while we had a few more miles to ride. After a short Leek CC WI meeting where jam making was discussed, I am not making this up!, we carried on to Consall and to Cheddelton where we left Dave M to make his way home. A weary group of riders returned to Leek at 1.45pm after a tough fifty nine mile ride. Thanks to Dave M and Rich C for keeping us in order.

Nick A, failed washing machine plumber.

Club Run – February 11th 2018


Freezing temperatue and snow showers forecast and I still kitted up for our 9am meet. Blaming the weather the 8am group decided they would start at 9am as well, so when I turned up there was already a dozen ‘earlies’ waiting. Another half dozen riders arrived then we set of towards Cheshire.
By Poole End we were already in two groups ( as agreed when we started), and I and five others watched the larger group disappear.
Just prior to reaching Marton the lead group stood cold while one of theirs fixed a puncture. We later found out that shortley after this event some of their group decided the snowy showers were no fun and headed home. The rest of them went on to Joderall Bank for their stop.
We carried on to Twemlow Green, then knutsford, stopping at ‘the lambing shed’ for our fix. As we parked the bikes the loudest bang startled us all, as the noise carried on we realised it was a clap of thunder. Hail lashed down for the next ten, while we were warm and dry.
Our return trip was less showery and took us through Chelford, Siddington, Gawsworth. While we were approaching River Dane a Range Rover with a cherished plate decided to hit the horn and drive as close as they dare, tosser!
And soon after that the Joderall group caught and passed us.
As usual, we all gathered opposite the Dyers, swapped insults, then split for home, another good ride.

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier

Club Run – February 4th 2018


Nine riders decided to ride to Matlock, we rode out along Ashbourne road and up to Bottom House. Aide H had to turn off here due to health issues and thought it best to return. We wish him well and hope to see him soon. We carried on in to Ashbourne where we had a Peugeot car peeping at us for some reason, maybe they were so ashamed to be seen out in such a car? We rode past St Oswalds church and noted the bells were very much out of tune so we pity the neighbours. We continued through Fenny Bentley and before reaching Cromford, Dave M and Dan N turned off the head back due to time constraints but it was nice to see them out. I was nominated Ride Leader and so set off for Cromford but soon Phil S launched a coup and took over and decided we would head for Bonsall due to the late arrival of the group. Note to Amanda, not to worry as we all know who is really in charge! We arrived at the Fountain Inn and found a long table to accommodate the group. Bonsall is said to be the UFO capital of the UK due to a high number of strange sights, some of which have been filmed and created interest around the world but nothing spotted during our visit.

Phil S and I rode to the front to guide the group while at the same time thinking where are we? We seemed to get away with it and soon found our route home as we headed out of Bonsall towards Winister before turning for Pikehall and Newhaven. Here we decided to head for Biggin and head for Hartington from there.  Here things got out of hand as Rob saw two other riders and set off to drop them while at the same time dropping the group and missing the turning. We shouted but he was going too fast so we waited in Hartington hoping to see him there but so fast was his pace that he had reached Hulme End so we set off to meet up there. After some good fun telling Rob off, we continued to Warslow and tackled the long climb to Morridge and the fun descent in to Thorncliffe although I was worried about ice but we all made it down in one piece. At the start of the ride “Two Sauces Symcock” told me he would be strong at the start of the ride but would fade at the end so where was he at the end of the ride? At the front, dropping all riders, sprinting for Leek! We arrived back at ten to two after a fifty mile ride. Thanks to the many riders who took turn to lead the ride.

Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.

Club Run – January 14th 2018


After a frustrating break from the Sunday rides due to the cold, it was nice to be able to ride out with the club. Sixteen club members had the same idea and we decided to head to Carsington, heading along Ashbourne road and on the Bottom House before reaching Ipstones Edge. We dropped down in to Ellastone where we were treated to a live concert with a man playing a Clarinet outside which was a surprise. We turned off for Norbury and passed the Second World war Gun emplacements by the River Dove, still standing guard after all these years. We continued in to Snelston and across the main Derby road before passing over what was the runway of the Ashbourne Air field. We passed through Bradley and passed the hall which was the home of the Maynal family who were the inventors of Fox hunting, just a little bit of local history which may interest people. The pace began to pick up as riders could see the Dam road and knew if would kick off as it soon did with a group of riders battling it out. I did make a move but soon found myself battling the wind and dropped off. Al C won but we made him work for it!

At the cafe, I managed to buy Dave M breakfast to thank him for his efforts to make Lucy’s cab warmer, thanks Dave!. New rider Jordan decided to carb load with a giant Cookie, Short Bread and two flapjacks.

He may have regretted this at the foot of Brassington bank with all that extra weight not to mention the slice of Flapjack that defeated him!.  I thought I might have made it second to Al C but Nick D had other ideas and passed me near the junction, I am not bitter about these things. We chose to ride along the main road and pass through Pike Hall and turn for Hartington and climb up to warlsow. Here we were dropped by a fat Bike! Of course we gave chase and managed to pass him but a great effort on such a heavy bike on the climb. The group split up at Morridge and some continued in to Leek where we arrived at 2PM after a fifty three mile ride and three sets of mudguards destroyed so not bad

Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.


It is with regret that I have some very sad news to convey that our Club President Kev Sharrock has passed away.

Apart from being Club President, former Treasurer, life member and general stalwart for the club Kev was a larger than life character, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Leek CC.

His presence and contribution to the club will be sadly missed and I am sure you will join me in passing our condolences to Kevs family at this very sad time.

Kev’s funeral will take place this Wednesday 31/01/18 11am All Saints Church followed by Crematorium at 12 and onto Westwood Golf Club at 1pm.


Club Run – December 31st 2017


Last day of the year, 6 degrees and not raining but wet roads. There was an early group that rode out at 7:30 & another at 8:30 but I didn’t rise till 8, so the 9am meet for me and 6 others. One of regular routes out to Bollington was chosen, via fools nook, broken cross, prestbury.
Even though the main topic for conversation in the Waterside cafe was about the sunnier alps and pyranees climbs, the route home over Blaze hill, Lamaload, wincle, had a few dissenters groaning. The sun occasionally came out but it felt cold with a strong breeze. From Eleven lanes end 3 of the group headed for Gun, while the rest of us headed straight for Leek. 40 mile, back for 1pm, good ride.
Written by Dave Magnier

Mince Pie Ride 2017


Icing conditions and the threat of rain did not prevent 20 hardy cyclists setting out on their annual ‘pudding’ run on Sunday, 17th December. Many of the riders had accessorised their bikes and donned fancy dress in a bid to be the best dressed Christmas rider of the year. A number of Santas, Pingu, the Grinch and even a bike customised as Rudolph left the Market Place for the round trip including a breakfast stop at The Raddle Inn, Hollington. The expected rainfall did not dampen spirits. Two riders stood out as would be winners: Santa with his collection of presents attached and the Grinch riding Rudolph. As just reward for his construction work, the £20 voucher went to Dave Magnier as the Grinch. Happily, Everyone made it home, safely, in spite of the inclement weather.

Written by “The Grinch” Dave Magnier

mp1 mp2                                            Rob Hanson & Dave Magnier

We also got a special mention in this weeks Global Cycling Network’s “The GCN Show”, we are mentioned starting from the 18th minute, click on the video below to take a look.


Club Run – December 2nd 2017


An amazing nineteen riders turned out, no doubt nursing sore heads after Fridays night out. It was decided by our Dear Leader, Paul H to head for Longnor by a longer route so we rode out by Abbey Green and in to Meerbrook. Some riders were brave and climbed up big Thorncliffe while most went up by the more relaxed little Thorncliffe. Morridge was misty but as we turned for Warslow it soon cleared. We dropped in to Hulme End and turned for Sheen. Here Phil G stopped to take a picture while the group took advantage and sprinted off so we had to work hard to catch up. Dave M hoped we would turn at the foot of the Crowdecote climb but no such luck so that spoiled his day. We took a detour to take in Earl Sterndale and turned to head through Glutten Bridge and played dare with the traffic lights on the narrow section in to Longnor as the sequence is so fast. We piled in to the Craft Centre due to the large number of riders although one member did order in the Cobbles cafe and so had a lonely cup of tea! The police turned up which put the riders on their best behaviour, no arrests were made as they were simply enjoying a drink.

Some members decided to ride back to Leek via a direct route while those will less sense rode up Hollignsclough and Flash. Alex C and Tony C set a fast pace up the climb. At Flash, a few more riders set off home via a different route so we headed off by the back of the Roaches and dropped back in to Meerbrook. Along Abbey Green, “Two Sauces” launched a attack but his legs had other ideas at the top of the climb so he dropped back. We pulled over to re-group near Mill Street after a fun forty one mile ride. Thanks to Paul H for leading the ride and for all the riders who turned out.

Nick Avins, Leeks King of Obsolete.

Road Racing Round Up 2017


A number of our members have been out road racing during the spring and summer months, below are a number of highlights and photographs, well done to all who have raced this year and great effort.
This year was Jordan Hill’s 1st year of road racing and he really enjoyed it, he acquired his British Cycling 3rd cat license and finished the season with 38 points, which was only 14 points off acquiring a Cat 2 license, which he hopes to get next year. He also had top 10 finish at TLI national Criterium Championships, which was held at the Oultion Park race circuit in Cheshire, & 5 top 10 finishes at Darley Moor with a best place finish being 4th overall. Another stand out results from Jordan was a 4th place finish at the Churnett Valley TLI Road Race and a Top 10 finish at the Swinnerton TLI Road Race. Well done Jordan and good luck for next year
Also Rich Coghill has been entering and competing in a number of road races during the summer months. He gained a number of impressive results which included finishing 5th in the TLI High Peak Road Race, which is held just outside Monyash in the peak district, and a number of top 10 finishes in the TLI Oulton Park Series with a best placing of 4th. Rich also achieved a 6th place finish at the Audlem TLI Road Race series in Cheshire.
At national level within his age category, Rich also gained two very respectable result finishing 11th at the TLI  National Road Race Championships and 15th at the TLI National  Criterium Championships. Well done Rich and great effort.
    thumbnail1                                     Jordan Hill (above) during the Shrewsbury GP
 21733911_1954194738173162_1907051157_o                           Rich Coghill during the TLI High Peak Road Race
19621295_319479688505286_1785296034744085472_oRich Whalley (left) also competed in the TLI High Peak Road Race in the Peak District, Rich produced a strong ride on the day to finish in the front group, great ride Rich well done.

Club Run – November 12th 2017


Seven riders set out for Bonsall following the directions provided by our Dear Leader, Paul H. We rode out along Compton and turned off along Southbank before turning on to Ashbourne road where we made a left turn to arrive near the top of Buxton Road. We rode this strange route in order to avoid the remembrance parade taking place around Leek. Here there was a accident as Rob fell off and hit the kerb due to a sudden stop of the group. We thought he might have broken his wrist but he insisted he was feeling fine and after a moment to recover, he rode on. We attacked mini Thorncliffe where “Two Sauces Simcock” defeated me again after riding off like a MP fleeing the Ethics Committee. There was some concern again about Rob due to feeling numb but he insisted he wanted to continue. We rode down in to Warslow, grateful to get out of the cold wind. Here Rob decided to return to Leek. We all hope he is feeling better and look forward to seeing him out again soon. We soon reached Hartington and tackled the long climb up to Newhaven. The pace picked up here on the Cromford road but I was keen to get warmed up! We headed off towards Winster and made a right turn to take us to Bonsall. We pulled over just before the village in order to observe the two minutes silence, thanks to all riders for taking part to honour those club members who served in the forces. We soon reached the Fountain Inn and met up with Ant A who had left leek at Nine am. Riders were impressed by the large portions and I loved the fruit flapjack and the 110 LR belonging to the cafe outside, what more could you want?

We rode back via the main Cromford road and set a good pace all the way up the climb to Longcliffe. Here we had a nice descent down in to Parwich and a long steady climb in to Alsop En Le Dale. We headed for Milldale and Wetton where we had a short stop for gels and bananas. We dropped in to the Manifold Valley and through Sawinsley Tunnel and up the bank in to Butterton where myself and Adrian D duelled on the climb. Chris E was riding strong as well and dropped the once mighty “Two Sauces”. We rode in to Onecote and up towards Morridge where a few riders including myself left the group in order to get back early. Phil Simcock rode hard and soon left us behind. Note to Amanda, please can you let him out of the cellar to ride with us next week? We arrived back in Leek at ten past two after a Fifty one point seven mile ride, very important that point seven. Thanks to Paul H for leading the ride.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


AGM 2016


This years Leek Cyclists Club Annual General Meeting, will be held on Monday November the 6th, at 8:15pm in The Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek . During the meeting we will be discussing a variety of topics including Club Championships, Club Rides and Social Events.


Club Run – October 29th 2017


Nine riders managed to get out of bed after having had an extra hour thanks to the clocks going back by an hour at two am. The eight am group had gone to visit the Anderton Boat Lift so we decided to ride to Bakewell. We set out along Buxton road and turned for Thornclife and climbed up to Moridge. Here “Two Sauces” overtook me just before the brow of the hill, the shame, the shame! We dropped down in to Warlsow and on to Hulme End and Hartington where we turned off to head down Longdale where we were faced with a headwind all the way. We re-grouped at Monneyash but here Steve B turned off as he had to be back early so we carried on to Sheldon bank where someone decided to turn off for Bakewell halfway down which took us on a lane which had a flail cutting the hedges so that was fun. Most of the group managed to ride through the thorns but Paul H and new member Rob suffered puntures which took some time to repair as the thorns were so long they could have their own display cabinet in Den Engles. The rest of the group were in the zone and responding to the call of the bacon baps so they were just leaving as we arrived.

After a warm up and Coffees we decided to ride back past Haddon Hall and head to Winster. Here Paul H had a chain problem but we soon dealt with it and were on our way again. We headed towards Newhaven and dropped back down in to Hartington which was a fun ride. We turned to climb out of Warlsow and up to Morridge. Here we had a surprise as we came round a corner to find the other group just turning from Reapsmoor. Even though they left the cafe early, we had managed to catch up which says something for our pace. Of course, we wee not going to let them get in front so Paul H picked up the pace and we soon dropped the other group. We arrived back in Leek at 2pm after a fifty two mile ride. Thanks to Paul H for leading the ride. I should like to point out here that even tractor tyres can be defeated by thorns, having driven  a flail hedge cutter before. Not that is helps when you are at the side of the road but maybe it makes you feel better.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

23031636_10155791766174035_535952710578425769_n The riders who rode the early Club Run this week, are pictured at the Anderton Boat Lift near Northwich. A decent ride through the Cheshire lanes.

Club Run – 22nd October 2017


  • With the remnants of storm Brian still lingering,a strong turn out for the Leek CC club run was looking unlikely.But as always it would be case of how many and not, if any would show at the market square. Sure enough, five brave souls(fools) had made it to the shelter of the Yorkshire Trader shop front.
    And so to the register and in no particular order
    Rich Coghill
    Jamie Jeffery
    Stuart Poole
    Steve Briggs
    Andy Baddeley
    Destination-  As brave as we all felt, we still held onto our common sense and were all in agreement that we should stay away from the hills as the winds were still strong and unpredictable.The undulating but low route toward Eccleshall was agreed
    The route would take us out of Leek heading south east via Cheddleton towards Dilhorne and to our surprise the drizzle%appeared to be stopping but still the winds continued.
    The speed was quick down Dilhorne bank before a Van in front pulled up very sharp and all had to react quickly,avoiding a collision.
    The hold up was what appeared to be single vehicle accident involving a youngish man and his high performance Japanese car. He was outside the car and on his phone, already arranging recovery. The shaken chap assured us he was ok and didn’t require any help,not that a spare 700c inner tube and a couple of chain links would have repaired the damage. Seriously though, the guy was fine and so we continued.
    Considering the high crosswinds, the pace was comfortable for all. Riding well as a group and rotating ‘through and off’ nicely.
    The ride took us through Moddershall and Stone before arriving at the Artisan Cafe along Eccleshall, High Street. A well earned Coffee and snack was ordered by all except for Stu, who was apparently fasting on this ride. He was hoping to lose a few ‘All Inclusive’ pounds gained in Greece. Rich Coghill made up for Stuart by ordering an extra Tea Cake(shame on you!!!!!)
    Continuing on after the Stop we headed out of Eccleshall along the Stafford Road before taking a left turn for Sandon. The crosswind that seemed to hamper us going out, turned into a slight cross tail heading back and so the pace was lifted. The odd punchy break from Stuart and Andy occurred more than once or twice, trust me!. Heaven knows how Stuart was fueled but he rode strong throughout.
    From Sandon we rode to Bramshall where a ‘Mr Kipling’ stop was required. The pace seemed to lift again riding through Leigh and Tean before Andy B churned out a huge turn on the front along Hollins Ln,Kingsley.The rest of us holding onto his wheel for dear life, our faces must have been a picture and usually only seen in a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie.And so after 71 and a bit miles we arrived back in Leek. Surviving the onslaught of Storm Brian
    I hated every minute of training, but I said, Dont quit. Suffer now
    and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ Muhammad Ali
    Report By Jamie Jeffery


Club Run – October 15th 2017


“In order to relax, I ride the bicycle” Ralph Hutter, Founder member of Kraftwerk.
Nine riders set out for Mow Cop to support Rob Howson and Tony Cope as well as Joe Molyneaux who were riding in the Killer Mile hill climb. One unnamed rider prepared for the ride by staying out all night until four am then woke at twenty to nine and thought he would still join us on the ride. One can not help but think that the professionals are missing something in their race preparation. Not that this stopped him from passing other riders on the ride. We rode out along the main Macclesfield road and turned off to head towards Timbersbrook and past the Cloud before reaching Mosley. Here we turned off and managed to sneak past a road closure before Ganney Bank. We came to yet another road closure at Mow Cop but again, we dismounted and walked past a large, deep hole before walking up the bank. We met up with other club members who had ridden out to support the three club riders taking part which was great. Other riders had family to support them so a great turn out for the event. Rob and Tony and Joe set out to show Mow Cop who was boss and put in a great effort and flew the flag for Leek CC. It was decided to head to Congleton Garden Centre for a cafe break and Adrian Derbyshire and a non club rider joined us for the cafe stop. Here I was able to keep everyone entertained with my Raynards Syndrome which had made my fingers turn white with a lack of circulation although they soon warmed up after a coffee. Now you can see why I do not ride in the cold!
Rob Howson turned up just as we were leaving but rode with us through Mosley and up to the turn at Timbersbrook before making a more direct route home. We carried on to the Allgreave road and headed towards Flash before turning off for Roaches End where Ant A decided to ride on over Morridge. We re-grouped and headed up past Roach End and on to Meerbrook where Nick Deville turned off for Thorncliffe while the group continued to ride to Abbeygreen. We did not stop as normal but carried on after arriving back in Leek at 2.05pm after a forty five mile ride. Thanks to the Father of the peleton, Dave Magnier and Paul Haywood for leading the ride.
Written by Club Rider Nick Avins
Mow Cop Hill Climb Results (24 Riders Total)
4th –  Rob Howson  4.47.6
8th –   Tony Cope 4.56.6  & 1st Veteran
12th –  Joe Molyneaux  5.11.8
22495965_10155741550159035_8065634734610302853_o     Tony Cope receiving his prize for 1st Veteran

Club Hill Climb Championship 2017


A decent turn out in dry and cloudy conditions saw 18 riders compete in the Leek CC Club Hill Climb Championship 2017, which is held on Gun Hill three miles outside, which is held on Gun Hill three miles outside Leek. The overall winner was Rob Howson with a time of 5:52 who is Leek CC Hill Climb Champion, Rob was followed in second place overall by Jordan Hill also of Leek CC with a time of 6:19, and then in third place overall was Alex Coates of Innovation Racing with a time of 6:26. Completing the Club Hill Climb podium was Rob Breeze with a time of 6:40.  Well done & great effort to all the riders who competed and thank you for supporting the event.  There was certainly some very close times with a number of riders separated by very small margins especially Nick Avins & Simon Morrall who recorded the very same time, as did Rich Coghill and Rich Whalley. Also big thanks to everyone who supported and helped out to make the event a success. The next club event is the AGM which will be held at Den Engel in early November.

1) Rob Howson 5:52                      Leek CC
2) Jordan Hill 6:19                         Leek CC
3) Alex Coates 6:26                       Innovation Racing
4) Louis Perry 6:28                        Swinnerton Cycles
5) Rob Breeze 6:40                        Leek CC
=6) Nick Avins 6:43                        Leek CC
=6) Simon Morrall 6:43                   Leek CC
=8) Rich Coghill 6:45                      Leek CC
=8) Rich Whalley 6:45                    Leek CC
10) Dominic Slinn 6:47                   Macclesfield Wheelers
11) Rob Hanson 7:04                     Leek CC
12) Liam Robinson 7:10                 Swinnerton Cycles
13) Barry Riley 7:42                       Leek CC
14) Adrian Derbyshire 7:54            Leek CC
15) Phil Simcock 7:59                    Leek CC
16) Paul Haywood 8:05                 Leek CC
17) Stuart Poole 8:07                     Leek CC
18) Chris Evans 9:22                     Leek CC

DSCF9590-2                                                               Rich Whalley

DSCF9598-2                                                             Simon Morrall

Club Run – October 8th 2017


Leek CC’s Hill Climb took place on Gun Hill and we had a good turn out of riders and supporters which was great considering the weather was chilly and damp. Chris Evans turned up intending to see us suffer but we were not standing for that and soon persuaded him to have a go and being the great rider he is, he did attempt it. All riders times will be posted on the main web site so I will concentrate my efforts on recording the ride. Twenty riders decided they might have enough energy to ride up to Longnor. We rode up to the Buxton road where Jason Kenny was spotted riding past on the Rourke ride. We rode past Roach End and on to Flash. Two riders turned off here and the rest continued to Flash Bar where we re-grouped and rode down in to Longnor. Cobbles Cafe was packed but some riders found seats while the rest went to the Craft Centre. Riders took advantage of the free coffee re-fils although Rich C seemed to have been served a cup of coffee grinds much to our amusement.

There was a suggestion  of riding more miles but this was met with a silence so we decided to simply ride back the direct route as the hill climb had robbed us of energy. We rode back via Fawfeild Head and Newtown. Myself, Paul and Stuart had fun overtaking each other on the climb to morridge. We re-grouped at the top and rode down to Buxton road where we met up for a post ride chat. We arrived back in Leek at 1.50pm after a modest twenty six mile ride but given the painful efforts we all made on Gun, it was enough. Thanks to John, Ruth, George and Phil for setting up and helping make the hill climb a success.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Hill Climb Championship 2017


This years Club Hill Climb Championship will once again be held at Gun Hill on October 8th 2017.  Signing on is at Meerbrook Village Hall from 9:30AM with the first rider off at 10:01AM. Entry fee is £3. Best of luck to all competitors.


“Rolling Back the Years” Exhibition Opens


The “Rolling Back the Years” Exhibition which is a brief history of Leek Cyclists’ Club, was opened on a great evening on the 8th of September at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek, by local Cycling legend Les West. A host of Club Members, former members, friends of the Club and dignitaries enjoyed a number of interesting and entertaining speeches by a number of members charting the history of the Club and cycling in the local area. We were then treated to speech from Les West telling everyone about his famous wins throughout his career including his wins on the famous Gun Hill circuit which started and finished in the centre of Leek. Everyone at the Club would like to thank everyone who had a part in making the exhibition possible and all who contributed. Thankyou.  The exhibition is open for 3 months and is well worth a visit if you haven’t already.

use22use9Les West (left) opens the exhibition alongside Club President Kev Sharrock and Club Chairman Andy Bain.


Club Run – October 1st 2017


“Whose nature prefers trees without leaves and a fire in the fireplace”

 Extract from Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice.

Six riders rode out to Ganney Bank to support Leek CC riders Rob Howson and Tony Cope. We rode out to Rudyard and up the bank which soon warmed everyone up. We rode over the Lask Edge road and in to Timbersbrook and on to the course. Here we met up with Tony and Rob and it was decided that we should ride the course to the top where we could find a space to see the riders go past. We rode up the course and all remarked on how steep it was in sections and also the length of the climb which made us respect the riders even more. We found a driveway and were able to park the bikes and soon the first rider came past. It was painful to see the facial expressions some riders made as they could see the end in sight. One rider almost collided with a car wing mirror due to riding in the middle of the road but no harm done and the rider made it to the finish. Rob H was in sight and powered up the final push to the summit. Tony C seemed to be flying as he came past. A great effort by both riders. We joined them at the top and all the riders were amazed at Tony C’s minimalist hill climb bike with it lack of bar tape and other weight saving tricks.

Rob H decided to ride with us to Jodrell Bank for a cafe stop. Dan N had to be back in Leek so decided to ride back by a more direct route.We rode through Congleton and Swettenham and Goostrey and soon reached Jodrell Bank after a fast paced ride. All the riders shared a large table and enjoyed Beans On Toast and Bacon Rolls. The conversation covered Classic Land Rovers which made my day as did seeing the one in a field awaiting rescue.

We decided to ride back via the Wizard and Rob H left us to make his own way back to Leek by a shorter route which given his effort that morning is understandable. We rode through a flood in Over Peover which caused some unprintable comments to be uttered. We rode through Mathall and Great Warford before tackling the climb up to the Wizard. We re-grouped at the top and rode on to Gawsworth where Nick D took us along a new road to Bosley. Sadly a Discovery driver did not agree with riders being in front of him on a narrow lane and beeped his horn and suggested that Nick D and Jamie should pull over for him and I persume doff their caps to him when he passed. It takes the entitlement part of the driving license to new heights. At this point, “Two Sauces” SImcock’s bike decided to give us a soundtrack of squealing noises as he peddled. I would like to say we were supportive and we were but from far up the road, away from the noise! We re-grouped by Rudyard lake and advice was given as to the possible cause so hopefully the issue will be solved soon. We arrived back in Leek at 2pm after a fifty three mile ride. Thanks to all the riders and congratulations to Rob and Tony who finished 1st & 3rd overall and well done for flying the flag for Leek CC also.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

to see a short video from the Hill Climb click on the link below

Club Run – 24th September 2017


Seven riders decided to ride to Carsington and enjoy the warm weather. We rode out along Ashbourne road and turned off at Bottom House. Here Paul H suffered a puncture but was unable to find out what caused it which was frustrating. Maybe for future rides, I should start bringing a collection of thorns so as to avoid this issue. We carried on riding in to Wotton and Ellistone before turning for Norbury and on to Snelston. We had to wait on the main Ashbourne-Derby road before we could cross due to the traffic which was unusual. We rode on towards Bradly and towards the dam road where the pace picked up as riders sprinted to the cafe. I was able to draft behind a car and so managed to catch up with Nick D who was setting a fast pace. I just managed to pass him before the entrance to win. Despite all this effort on the part of the group, Ant A who was last there still managed to take advantage of the confusion over parking the bikes to race to the front of the cafe que, how does he do this? Nick D decided not to have anything to eat so “Two Sauces” Simcock ate for him. The group sat outside admiring a disc brake Canyon bike.

We rode home via Brassington Bank although Steve B rode back via the main road to Ashbourne. We re-grouped at Longcliffe and headed in to Elton but no sign of Elton John, maybe he was on tour? We passed through Middleton and on to the road to Parsley Hay . On the climb, Paul H and Nick D were setting a good pace which proved too much for me to keep up. We again re-grouped before deciding which way to go back. It was decided to ride in to Hartington and Hulme End. At the top of the climb in Warlsow we came across a damsel in distress, a fellow rider had a gear cable snapped so asked for help. Paul H and Nick D were soon busy tying up cables and moving mechs and I supplied a zip tie. Note to the wife’s, the lady’s husband was also in attendance. We set off to climb to Morridge, Nick D and myself pushing to the top. Nick D pulled away on the final corner and I had nothing left to catch him. We waited for Ant A at the top who came flying past and up the road before we even spotted him so we raced off to catch up. The pace picked up for the road in to Leek and Ant A won the sprint with his sly move. We arrived back in Leek at 2.30pm after a tough fifty eight mile ride. Thanks to all riders for navigating along the route.

Nick Avins

Legbreaker a Great Success


The Leek Legbreaker of 2017 saw the biggest numbers to date turn up to tackle the “Hell of the Moorlands” an 82 mile loop of Leek and the surrounding areas, toughest climbs, including, llam, Grindon Moor, The Hollinsclough Rake, Gun Hill just to name a few. Total ascent would be approx 8,000ft of climbing. This year Andy Bain and the members of Club had so kindly organised and arranged for the entry fee to be donated to my Dad -Karl Clay – who was a regular club rider and a talented mtb racer who was left tetraplegic after a MTB accident last year. The money raised will be incredibly helpful in getting Karl back on a bike and back off roading again where he belongs. I speak for all my family, there are no words that can describe our gratitude, how you have all made this possible and changed his life for the better.

So as 9am came and went we were all raring to go & we knew this was no ride for the faint hearted. So we set off at a steady pace knowing what we had to come! All 82 of crazy cyclists were now on their journey to tackle one of the biggest challenges of all. The weather gods looked to be shining down on us, which would make the ride much more pleasurable. Everyone was smiling and discussing what part of the course they thought was the most terrifying! The most stand out fear amongst the peloton was of course Hollinsclough rake! 20% of pure evil! You need a good range of gears for this one!

But before getting to this part you have to do a gruelling 40 miles. Luckily a fantastic team of people, including Andy Bain, Alison Held, Sarah Coates, Phil Gayes ,Nick Avins & George and Margaret who had been preparing the route, had an amazing feed zone for us all to enjoy. There was a huge range of foods and refreshments for us all. Including tea, coffee, juice, water, cakes, pastries, bananas biscuits, you name it, it was there.

My Dad had made it to the feed zone to meet everyone too which was fantastic, it was great to have him their so people could see Dad again & see where there incredible donations are going and how it will help. Once riders had refuelled it was off again to tackle yet more hills. Everyone still seemed comfortable and happy, taking in new roads, new scenery and simply, the very best of the Peak District has to offer. You know the saying, ‘You don’t get something for nothing’ and it does make you work for it. But my word, it is worth it. All riders made it round, still with smiles on their faces, albeit with a few punctures and mechanicals, and I speak for myself and Andy Magnier here, and I believe one or two others experienced this insane localised monsoon. We got caught in several of the most heaviest downpours. Biblical rain showers that were bouncing of the ground and turning the roads into a river.

Once back at Den Engles in Leek – who kindly let us smelly, wet and dreary cyclists inside, we were able to reflect on the days outing. Over 5 hours later and over 8000ft of climbing we were all ready for a beer! All in all we all managed to raise an incredible £541.00 – We would like to thank everyone so much for their kind donations and look forward to showing you all where it is going. See you all again next year!




Tony Cope & Karl Clay at the feed station at Ecton


Club Run – September 10th 2017


Ten riders decided to ride out to Longnor via a hilly route in order to train for the Legbreaker event next week. We rode out to tackle Gun Hill which warmed everyone up and then headed in to Wincle and up the climb to the cross roads before dropping in to Sutton where we turned on to the Cat And Fiddle road. One rider commented that the pace was civilised which was the wrong thing to say as three riders heard this and set off to race to the top. Myself, Liam and Simon battled it out to the top while trying to navigate through the fog and roadworks which caused a few issues. I thought I might just beat Simon to the top but on the final corner, he raced past and there was nothing left in my legs to attack again so well done Simon and Liam for a great climb. Barney had a snapped chain to deal with near the top which was soon dealt with and we re-grouped. Two riders pulled out due to one feeling ill so they returned to Leek via the Goyt valley. Meantime Ant A set off for Longnor in front of the group. We continued to drop down on to the Leek-Buxton road and on past the race course before dropping down by Glutton Bridge and in to Longnor and the cobblestones cafe where we found Ant A enjoying a coffee. After the hard climb to the Cat And Fiddle, a few riders felt the need to carb load with a full English breakfast!

It was decided to return to Leek via Hulme End and the Manifold Valley although there was some confusion when we dropped in to Hulme End as we turned left instead of right and headed towards Alstonfield before turning for Whetton where we dropped down in to the valley and headed along the track and through the tunnel which was fun. Here we turned off for Butterton and Oncote where we faced the final climb to Morridge. I was chatting away to Jamie at the front and trying to encourage him to keep going up the last incline when Simon flew past so only one thing to to do, attack! We arrived back in Leek at 2.30pm after a tough, fifty mile ride. Thanks to Paul H for leading the ride and for all the riders who made fun out of me, yet more reasons I ride with Leek CC, thanks guys! Congratulations to Rob Howson for winning the recent Manchester Wheelers Hill Climb at the Brickworks with a time of 6.34.9!

Written by Club rider Nick Avins

“Rolling Back the Years” Exhibition


Hi everyone. It is the opening of “Rolling Back the Years” A Brief History of Leek Cyclists’ Club, this Friday 08/09/17 18.30 for 19.00 at The Foxlowe, Leek. Cycling legend Les West will open the exhibition. We have invited former members and friends of the club. There will also be a small display of “cycles through the ages”. Please come along and help make it a special occasion. Thanks Andy Bain



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Lakes Weekend


In early July thirteen club members enjoyed a great weekends cycling in the Lake District, based in Glenridding on the shores of Ullswater. On the Saturday they completed a fantastic sunny 100 mile loop taking in a number of the Lake Districts most scenic and challenging climbs these included Newlands Pass, Honister Pass & Whinlatter. After a few beers and a good meal the riders then a enjoyed a 50 mile ride on the Sunday morning taking in Kirstone Pass and a loop which included great views of Lake Windermere and Coniston. A fantastic weekends cycling and well recommended to any keen cyclists

lakes 1lakes 2lakes 3

Club Run – September 3rd 2017


On the first of the year that felt like Autumn. Ten riders set out for a ride to Pott Shrigley via Rushton Spencer, Bosley, Gawsworth & Prestbury. The out was quick with a average speed of 18mph, uneventful barring a puncture as we were riding through Prestbury and Alex Coates turning off at Bosley to do some interval training. We returned on a hilly route which included the brickworks climb, Windgather and then the scenic ride through the Goyt Valley and then onto Axe Edge, where the weather turned nasty. After passing through Flash and Meerbrook we returned to Leek on dry roads, to finish a mostly enjoyable 50 Mile ride with 4500ft of climbing.

Riders out on the run were : Rich Coates, Jamie Jeffries, Paul Haywood, Phil Simcock, Chris Meir, Ant Ashbey, Nick Deville, Barney Swinnerton, Simon Morrell, Alex Coates

Written by Club Rider Rich Coates


“Rolling Back the Years” Exhibition


Hi everyone. It is the opening of “Rolling Back the Years” A Brief History of Leek Cyclists’ Club, this Friday 08/09/17 18.30 for 19.00 at The Foxlowe, Leek. Cycling legend Les West will open the exhibition. We have invited former members and friends of the club. There will also be a small display of “cycles through the ages”. Please come along and help make it a special occasion. Thanks Andy Bain

DSCN2678 Wetton Mill club run 1948 Nov 28th

Club Run – 27th August 2017


Ten riders set out for Hack Wood Farm cafe at Radbourne, near Derby and giving me the opportunity to worship at the temple of beauty that is the lady owner! We set out along Ashbourne road and headed along Ipstones Edge before turning on to Ellistone road. Here at Three Lows, Phil G turned back as he was going to drive to Keswick at three am in order to take part in a one hundred mile time trial on the Bank Holiday Monday. The dedication of the true time trialer, hope it went well for you Phil. ( Please note he did not ask me to write this and I have no idea why a large bar of Toblerone  was left on my doorstep) we continued in to Wootton and dropped down the fast descent in to Ellistone before turning for Norbury. Here we continued on to Cubley and Alkmonton and the pace picked up as we hit the flat section at Longford. This is strange territory for Leek CC as we are more used to the hills of the Moorlands so the sprinters took off. I kept Dave M and Rich C company as we rode through Longlane where we caught up with the sprinters and set off for Radbourne. We also passed Uttoxeter CC and it was nice to see parents cycling with their children.  We arrived at the cafe to find it packed with other cyclists which was nice as was being able to find tables inside. Rich C was brave enough to ask “Two Sauces Simcock” for access to his supplies. Service was quite prompt given how busy it was although the waiter did have a long walk around to find us.

It was decided to return via the same roads as some riders had to be back early to spend time with the family over the Bank Holiday. We split in to two groups with myself navigating for one and Rob H leading the other. Nick D was in the zone and continued past the Norbury turn in to Rocester before realising his mistake and managed to catch up at Ramshorn which was nice before he raced off home for Gardening duties. We arrived back in Leek at one forty PM after a great sixty one mile ride in the rare sunshine and warmth. Thanks to all riders for taking time out to ride with the club.

Nick Avins Club Rider and domestic Cat tamer

Club Run – August 20th 2017


Nine riders turned out for the club ride and for some strange reason, there was a lot of cash being handed out between riders although much to my disgust, not to my pocket! Beeley was our destination and we rode out along Buxton road and did not turn for Thorncliffe which caused some confusion. Instead, we rode out towards Buxton and turned left to head behind the Roaches and come back on ourselfs to Royal Cottage where we rode down a fast and long descent to Longnor and Crowdecote. We were going to ride straight on in to Monyash but met up with Black Horse Velo and so rode with them down Longdale where we continued in to Parsley Hay and in to Youlgreave. We rode along the A6 and in to Rowsley where we turned off to head for Beeley. We passed a rider in the Yellow Jersey which caused much amusment in the peloton as you would expect. We arrived at the Old Smith cafe to find masses of bikes parked up and we had to park behind the bins, nice to see so many riders out. We were informed there would be a delay on hot drinks but this took the term “Delay” to new hights as we waited for the best part of forty minutes for drinks and for food and were contemplating foraging in the garden for food. As we were leaving I was accused of not paying for a latte which was cheeky considering I did not order one!

We returned by Chatsworth and Bakewell before tackling Sheldon Bank where Rob H pulled away from the group as did Alex C and Tony C. We rode through Monyash and I made a effort to pull away but Rob H put me back in my place after a short time on the front. We passed through Parsley Hay and headed in to Hartington and on to Warslow where we had a brief stop for energy gels and cake to boost our flagging energy levels and headed up the climb to Morridge. I stayed with the father of the peloton , Dave M and offered to shelter him by going on the front but with my short frame there would be very little shelter so this offer caused much amusement. We dropped in to Thorncliffe and back on to Buxton road arriving back at two PM after a tough fifty four mile ride. Nice to see you, to see you nice!

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – August 13th 2017


Six riders turned out to ride to Lyme Park. The eight am group rode to that wonderful example of Victorian engineering, the Anderton Boat Lift. There was also a stealth group of club members which maybe the JCB section of the club. We set out along the Macclesfield road and turned off to head to Langley and Rainow and on to Pott Shrigley or as we called it “Pot Hole Shrigley” such was the state of the roads. We then rode through Poynton and on to High Lane. Here we rode along newly laid tarmac roads which took me by surprise, not being used to a smooth road. Just to confuse us, there was a cobbled section before a railway crossing before we were back on new tarmac again. Sadly on High Lane we had a number of close passes with cars not wanting to wait for us to pass the numerous traffic islands and I had to brake sharply to let them pass as they swung in to my path. We were glad to arrive at Lyme Park and soon we were sat outside to enjoy coffee and cakes. Ade Hall had a flapjack and suspected it may have been a family heirloom passed on to the trust such was the bland taste. Dave Magnier was shocked to discover they did not serve beans on toast as was “Two Sauces Simcock” when told he could not have a bacon roll.

We rode up to the house to have a group picture. the house was enlarged in the 1720’s by Giacomo Leon for the Legh family. It was once a great sporting estate and was the setting for the BBC production of “Pride And Prejudice”.  We rode out along the main drive and turned off along a private road leading to the main road to Disley. We had a fast descent to the Kettleshulme road before turning for Ginclough and Kerridge end before we turned on to the Cat and Fiddle road where we had a long climb to the turn for Wildboarclough. Here, Ade Hall set up a fast pace and I was quickly dropped so sat back to enjoy the view. I caught up with Dave M near Allgreave and we set off for Wincle and Danebridge before reaching the main road to Leek. We arrived back in Leek after a fifty two mile ride. Thanks to Rob H for leading the group on some new roads and to a new cafe and for some great land Rover spotting opportunities, (its a Land Rover thing, you would not understand)

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


Legbreaker “Hell of the Moorlands” 2017


On Sunday September the 17th 2017, Leek Cyclists Club will once again be staging the   Legbreaker in Memory of Club Member Paul Derbyshire who sadly passed away in 2012.The 81 Mile ride which has been a great success over the years is renowned as one of the best in the country, with it being dubbed the “Hell of the Moorlands” mainly because of the amount of tough steep Moorland climbs which you have to conquer to complete the ride. The ride takes in some of the best scenery the Staffordshire Moorlands & The Peak District has to offer and includes steep climbs out of Ilam, Hollinsclough and the famous Gun Hill.
This year we have revised the route slightly so to avoid the ford in Butterton, which means riders are to ride up from Grindon and then ride to the T junction joining the B5053, then turn right onto the B5053 and then take the first right and drop into Butterton and then drop into Ecton for the feed station. For more information and to download the GPS File please click on the link below

Signing on will be from 8:30AM in the Market Place in the centre of Leek, with riders off at 9:00AM.The cost of the ride is £6, with all proceeds and donations from the Legbreaker this year going to club member Karl Clay’s Just Giving Page. Karl and his family in raising money to help Karl buy a FES machine which will help Karl immensely after a mountain bike accident last year, For more information and to make a donation please click on the link below.  

There will be one feed station during the ride which will be located at Ecton which is after dropping into the Manifold Valley from Butterton. Riders will be provided with a route card and a map & the route will be fully signed. Once riders have completed the ride can they please make their way to the Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek to Sign In (Den Engel is situated on Stanley Street just off the Market Place).

If you are interested in taking part in this years Legbreaker please contact the below email address or Telephone Number, so that numbers can be judged and the correct amount of food & drink can be ordered for the Feed Station. Best of Luck to all riders & please ride safe.

Contact Andy Bain on  :  Email     –

Telephone  –   07450435754


Club Run – August 6th 2017


Club Run – July 30th 2017


Fifteen riders set out for Jodrell Bank. The large turn out due to members of the eight am group deciding to join us late risers. We rode to Rudyard and turned for Horton and on to Lask Edge where we continued around the Cloud with is views of the rolling Cheshire countryside. We then rode towards Marton and Gorsley before reaching Jodrell Bank after a fast paced ride. Two members upset the cafe staff by trying to place their pride and joy bikes in the garden but had to remove them to the bike shed where we had placed our not so pride and joy models. We hope we may be allowed back.

We returned back by Over Peaover and Marthall, Great Worfard and Nether Alderley and back to the familiar road of Gawsworth  and on to the Royal Oak swing bridge where we had to walk over the bridge while the swing bridge was in operation. The pace picked up with the peleton being split in to groups. I and Chris E were held up at Bosley lights before we could re-join the sprint. We worked hard to catch up and pass some riders before we pulled over by Rudyard Lake to re-group before sprinting again for Leek. I passed a group of riders and Rich C and had the end in sight but the crafty veteran passed me by the Sainsbury’s roundabout. The group pulled over to chat and Chris E found he had a puncture but at least it was at the end of the ride and he had help form the group although we were disappointed to learn that he was not that Chris E of the large BBC paycheck as recently revealed. Thanks to Rob H for leading us along some new roads and for the rain keeping off, a decent 53 mile all round.

Writen by Club Rider Nick Avins


Club Run – July 22nd 2017


A big turnout today, 15 of us. After the usual trouble of selecting a route, Bonsall became the target. The top of mini Thorncliffe saw a stop to tighten a spoke and fix rich’s puncture, then near the Butchers Arms Nick had a puncture. The ride flowed a little better after those.
After turning off the main road at Newhaven the main group decided to turn left, while the thought of going down Via Gelia was too much for Rich to resist, so 5 of us took the downhill, we arrived at the village together. Sitting outside at the cafe in Bonsall is a pleasure, we had a couple of spots of rain but that passed and we all enjoyed the ‘al fresco’. A couple of new roads for me leading to Brassington, then Parwich, Mill Dale, Wegg’s bridge, and Onecote.We had a new rider join us today, he found the return journey a struggle but didn’t stop smiling, hopefully he’ll be out again with us!

Good Luck Barry


Good Luck to Club Rider Barry Riley, who is taking part in the National 24 Hour Time Trial this weekend to raise money for Charity.  Barry is raising money for Club Rider Karl Clay, so he can buy specialist equipment to help improve his quality of life. Click on the link below for more information and to make a donation.  Thankyou

baz        Barry Riley (Middle) who takes part in the National 24hr Time Trial this weekend

Club Run – July 16th 2017


Nine riders set out for Bollington having removed their waterproof jackets only to have to stop just around the corner to put them back on due to the rain. We rode out along the Macclesfield road and turned for Gawsworth. Here we made a right turn and rode along new roads and across the Macclesfield/ Monks Heath road. We rode through Prestbury and continued on. By this point, most riders were confused as to the route but Rob H led us in to Bollington and to the cafe stop. It was busy with lots of other riders but we managed to find two seperate tables and had coffee and most had Beans on Toast.

We came back via the Goyt Valley and up to the Cat and Fiddle road before heading through Wildboarclough. It was decided not to go through Wincle due to the state of the roads and to save Phil G having to ride through mud with his Lightweight wheels ( Oh those wheels!) Instead, we rode up to Allgreave and turned for Flash and here again took a new road towards Royal Cottage. There was a little competion here between myself Rob and Andy and we got so carried away that we rode on to the junction while the others turned off for the Roaches so we had a lot of racing to catch up again. This proved too much for my legs and so I got left behind but managed to catch up with the group on Abbey Green road. We had a great, fast paced forty seven mile ride thanks to Rob H for showing us those new roads.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

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Club Run – July 9th 2017


Four riders set out for the club standby cafe at Bakewell as we have not been there for a while. We rode out towards Thorncliffe, Warslow and Hartington before dropping into Monnyash. We turned for the main Bakewell road and rode down a rough road in to town. Service at the cafe was so swift that the food arrived before the drinks! We had some minor directional issues on the way back but soon found the road back via Monnyash and Crowdecote and Longnor. We rode over Reapsmoor before climbing up to the Mermaid where “Two Sauces” and Simon battled it out but Simon took the lead on the final corner. There was a final attack by “Two Sauces” as we rode in to Thorncliffe so I took on the challenge and just managed to ride past before the Buxton road junction much to his disgust! A great forty four mile ride and thanks to all three for the company.

Writen by Club Rider Nick Avins