A cold crisp start to the New Year saw 8 souls turn up at the Market Square for the 9am Grand depart. A quick discussion regarding destination ensued with the only decision being to ignore Tony Simons request to go hilly.
We eased out towards Macclesfield staying on the main road to examine “Phil’s Hole” in Rushton before committing to the thrash route but at considerably lower speeds due to treacherous road surfaces. As we crossed at Marton, Dave Mag cut off to head towards home, not feeling it, a decision all of us could have made. We ploughed on though, to Goostrey Home and Leisure and forced our way in to a table of 7 where more beans were consumed than in Blazing Saddles. Nick D almost caused a diplomatic incident warming items up under the hand drier 😆.
Having just about warmed up we set off again with Steve W confirming a heady temperature of -5 for the return leg. A loop around the world’s largest Sky dish saw us aim for Siddington then around Redesmere for an ice-cream.
From there everyone raced back from the Nook, except for me, that couldn’t 🤣.
Congratulations must go to Sean Daly for keeping his bike “tyre side down” this week and also Richard Coates for been the voice of reason when hills were mentioned.
As I’ve mentioned everyone else, Carlton also came but didn’t do anything funny 😁