In anticipation of storm brimful of Asha, Dave Mag chose to lead todays ride in a south westerly direction, so we would hopefully get a bit of assistance 🚴🏻💨 for the climb back home.
8 riders made for the KY jelly cafe, sorry KI cafe at Grindley, between uttoxeter and Stafford, via cheddleton, Kingsley, freehay, Hollington, before encountering some slushy and messy lanes down to stramshall, and beamhurst.
Skirting hutcheter, we were back on familiar ground around Bramshall and Kingstone town 🎵, before the last little climb to Grindley and our destination, that thankfully had just enough seats for us.
Food was good, reasonably priced , but the coffee needs a bit of a strengthening 😉, and it was quick enough, that even Rich Coghill, hadn’t forgotten what he’d ordered.
Exiting the cafe, we headed into the lanes, towards Lower Leigh,where Nick Deaville decided to have a rest whilst everyone else harangued him for puncturing at the wrong time!
At lower tean a minor split occurred, as some went along the main road , and others through the back lanes into tean.
They just about reformed as a group coming back up through new haden, and trimpos, where the main bunch turned right into bombhole road, and a few of us carried on to godleybrook, and the climb up towards cellarhead, and consall , chedd and home.
We seemed to have missed the storm, but also the supposed tailwind back as well 🙄
50ish miles and 4300ft of ascent.