Hill Climb Season Round Up

Throughout September and October a number of our members have been entering various Hill Climb Events in the local area, below is a quick roundup of how they fared.

– Tony Cope took part in the Long Hill Hill Climb on the 4th of September which was ran by Buxton CC. With cold conditions and a cross wind Tony finished 5th in the veteran category and 23rd overall. Well done Tony

– With the Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb which is ran by Weaver Valley CC sadly clashing with our Legbreaker Sportive this year. We only had one member enter with Tony Cope finishing with a brilliant time of 21:40 finishing 2nd in the veteran category and 16th overall out of 90 riders. Well done Tony

– Tony Cope took part in the Glossop Kinder Hill Climb which took place on the 25th September, and produced a great ride finishing 12h overall and 2nd in the Veteran Category.

– On the 2nd of September, three club members took part in the Congleton CC Hill Climb, which took place on Ganny Bank just outside Biddulph. On a sunny and clear day, Rob Howson came second overall finishing with a time of 5:38, Rich Coghill produced a strong ride to finish 4th with a time of 6:30 and John Green produced a strong ride also to finish 8th with a time of 7:28.

– On the same day as Congletons Hill Climb, Tony Cope headed over to Monsal Dale in the Peak District to take part in the famous Monsal Hill Climb which is ran by Sheffrec Cycling Club. Tony produced a great ride to finish 3rd overall in the Veterans Category and 38th overall out of 154 riders with a time of 01:36. Great effort Tony.     

– On the 16th of September on a cold and wet day. Three Club members entered the Beeley Moor Hill Climb which is ran by Chesterfield Couruers. Tony Cope finished 21st with a time of 10:24 and 2nd in the veteran category. Rich Coghill finished 40th with a time of 11:17 and Jordan Hill finished 44th with a time of 11:26. Well done everyone

– On the 22nd of October, Tony Cope took part in the Riber Hill Climb and the Bank Road Hill Climb which are both ran by Matlock CC. Another great ride from Tony saw him finish 2nd in the veteran category with a time of 4:06 on Riber, and 3rd in the veteran category on Bank Road with a time of 2:12. Well done Tony.

– On the 29th of October, Tony Cope and Rob Howson took part in the National Hill Climb Championship which took place on Bank Road in the centre of Matlock. With a large crowd and a great atmosphere Tony and Rob produced strong rides finishing 86th and 101st respectively out of 238 riders with Tony finishing 5th in the veteran category. Also friends of the club Jo Clay and Alex Coates produced strong rides with Jo finishing 3rd in the Female Category and Alex 5th in the Juvenile category. Well Done everyone

beeley           Jordan Hill, Rich Coghill and Tony Cope after the Beeley Moor Hill Climb

johnfb                             John Green during the Congleton CC Hill Climb

richfb                            Rich Coghill during the Congleton CC Hill Climb

tony                  Tony Cope during the National Hill Climb Championships in Matlock

robfb               Rob Howson during the National Hill Climb Championships in Matlock

the top photograph is courtesy of Tony Cope, thanks Tony

and the rest of the photograph’s were taken by Mr Ken Norbury “© Ken Norbury”. To see more of Ken’s photograph’s click on the link. http://spinloose.co.uk/wp/ken-norburys-photo-gallery/