Pandemic Achievements


With the world in the grips of a pandemic and despite the UK being in the mist of a lockdown, club member Ian Peacock continued to keep in shape.

For the brief period of eased rules, Ian clipped in and took to the tarmac.

Sunday 26th July

Ian entered the Veterans 50mile TT championship in what was reported to be the windest day on the A46 Fosse Way since the Roman occupation. However, still recording a valiant effort of 2:06:58

Saturday 5th September
Ian entered the BDCA 100 mile time trial, completing the course in 4:11:11, which is believed to be a club record; the previous best being Russell Mycock’s 4:17:58.

Ian described the experience as: ” I was, as usual supported by my crew (Valerie). On Sunday morning I awoke aware that It would be some time before most of me would be functioning adequately. However, once I had recovered enough to have my shortcomings drawn to my attention, Valerie spoke thus: “It’s a pity that you can’t wear yourself out doing something useful” “

Sunday 23rd August

Ian remarkably covered 216.73 miles in the national 12 hour time trial in Shropshire. Ian commented; “the weather was foul, and the rearranged course was a bit on the lumpy side. I was ably supported by my crew (Valerie). Incredibly, I finished in the same time as the winner!”

Saturday 17th October

Ian rode the veterans’ national “25” champs, on the A46 Fosse Way and completed the course in 58:56. Feeling pretty please with himself; that gives him a full set of results this year, having done a 10, 25, 50, 100, and 12hour.

Well done Ian, great effort in difficult times

Hill Climb 2020


We have decided after some discussion that it will be feasible to run the Hill Climb this year with suitable precautions.

Event information – Sunday 18th October on the usual Gun Hill Course at 10:00am, parking at Meerbrook Village Hall.

To be able to run the event safely we have decided on the following changes to the usual format:

• Entry will be electronic and in advance only – there will be no entries on the day, so no cash has to exchange hands. Entries will open on Sunday 11th and close on Friday 16th – we will provide bank details for direct transfer of the £3 entry fee.

• Competitors will be allocated a “virtual” number – the usual physical numbers will not be used.

• The timekeeper and an assistant will be at the start, but there will be no pusher-off. Competitors will have to clip in once “Go” is called.

Could anyone who is interested in entering please PM via Facebook, or reply to the e-mail (, so we can have an idea of numbers. (it will be limited to 20)

Please note

• Competitors must maintain the appropriate social distancing at all times.

• We will not be giving the results out at the finish, but will post them as soon as possible. So at the finish, please ride off as soon as you are able to.

Club Run – Sunday 6th September 2020


The B group set out for Monnyash via Glutton Bridge and returned via Hartington. The other group of six riders set out for Cannock from Cheddleton, stopping in Cheadle to meet Andy and Jo.

We rode on through Tean and met Neil W out for a ride. We passed through Church Leigh and on to Shugbrough where a stop was made for a picture on the bridge over the river Trent. This caused a pile up with passing cyclists and walkers so we moved on. Andy took us over some new roads across the Chase and we were soon arriving at the visitor centre for much needed coffee, cakes and a variety of filled rolls.

We headed back via  Rugley and Hixon but much to our surprise, we rode away from Kingstone and went along more new roads to get back via Hollington and Kinglsey. Here, Dave, Rich and Chris left us as we carried on to Oakamoor and Car bank which finished off our tired legs although it may have been a PB for Joe?

Many thanks to Andy Mag for planning a new and varied route and for putting up with our questioning of his navigation skills.

Nick P  

Club – Run Sunday 9th August


Six riders set out for Carsington via Bottom House, Ipstones edge, Ellastone  and Snelson.  We rode on through Bradley and on past the dam where the competitive spirit took over as tradition dictates so Ant, Rodger and I put up a good pace.

The group arrived and we were a little confused over the new rules for Covid 19 as we had to go downstairs for our orders where face coverings were required. Ant A making use of his club Gillet which caused much amusement, we sat outside and hung on to the cups and food as it was quite a breeze blowing .

After treatment for hypothermia we set off back via Brassington and Bradbourne before tackling the climb to Tissington. Thorpe was gridlocked with day trippers but we had a nice American lady warning us to be careful as it was crazy back there which was nice. It was decided to head up to Whetton and down along the Manifold track to Butterton where I turned off to head back home while the group carried on via Hulme End and Warslow. Thanks to Ant A for leading a tough, 45 mile ride (my estimate) So good to be back out with some club members after months of riding alone.

Nick Prince 

Covid-19 Update


As of 24th March, Leek Cyclists Club officially communicated that we will no longer host any events, club runs or social gatherings of any kind. These measures were taken in line with government rules for social distancing as a result of what is now described as the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

We are now into week 6 of social distance lock down, possibly the longest period the club has gone without social rides or events since the War. As a club we have complied with government rules impeccably; a credit to you all.

The steep incline in UK cases of Covid-19 is now flattening and there are even whispers that the strict social distancing rules may, be eased back during the coming weeks. It is temping at this point to flout the rules as we begin to see a way forward. However, it is more important than ever that we continue to follow the government’s advise of riding solo or with people from the same household only. Thus protecting not just our clubs’ image but that of the cycling community as a whole.

‘Stay Safe!’ fellow enthusiasts and we’ll meet again very soon.

Jamie J

A poem written by Daniel White, submitted by club blog writer Nick Prince

” I’m on this cycle path
It’s an elliptical course.
I’m going around in circles.
But there are the odd curve balls.
And I’m on this journey.
Trying to find myself.
And it doesn’t really hurt me.
That I’m all by myself.
Because I’m on a cycle path.
In a velodrome of cheers.
In my head they cheer me on.
This circuit has taken nearly 45 years.
I won’t ever give up.
But I know my body will give way.
So if you follow behind.
Stay in the slipstream.
The journey and life I lay before you.
Means everything to me.
Follow on my path.
Don’t ever deviate.
Not even when it’s lonely.
And you are full of self-hate.
Don’t let doubts drive the wheels.
You could never cycle in any meaningful way.
Let your passion be the answer.
I tagged you.
You know the path, you’re on.
As you start to move forward.
It gets easier everyday.”

by Daniel White

Paul Derbyshire Memorial, Hilly Reliability 2020


Sunday 15th March

After a couple of unfortunate years where our ever popular annual Reliability Ride was cancelled. This year, mother natures kindness granted us better(not great!!) weather and so the event took place as scheduled.

As always the ride was well attended by not just our own Club riders, but also a number of guest riders, some of which renowned locally for there competitive achievements. And not forgetting our very own Jordan Hill who we wish the very best of luck to as he takes on a new and exciting challenge – racing in Belgium. Best of luck mate!!

Nick’s fantastic and ever present log;

For the first time in two years, the Reliability was not called off due to snow so we had a good turn out of thirty two riders at a rough count. Could be more but I have Dyscalculia so take no notice.

We set out in groups down St Edward street, but here Shaun “Straight On Merrick” ignored the day-glow direction sign and went up Compton while we carried on along Ashbourne Rd, onto Bradnop to tackle the first tough climb of the day. A few riders had technical issues and I was told Rich C pulled out here.

We dropped in to the Manifold Valley where Shaun M had a puncture so I stopped to help and deflect comments from passing riders. He was soon back on the bike and we were able to catch up with the other riders along Mill Dale. Here we had a nice surprise as the mighty “Two Sauces Simcock” was out in his car to wave us on and take pictures, good to see you Phil.

Carrying on into Parwich and the long climb to Longcliffe, concluding the section with a fast decent in to Youlgreave before the climb toward Moneyash. I caught up with Helen M and Garath so we stuck together for the rest of the route in to Longdale, Crowdecote, Longnor before the final climb to Mooridge.

I pulled off and headed home while the other riders returned to Thornclife and Leek after a tough, fifty two mile ride. Thanks to Phil G for his hard work putting out the signs and setting up the event.

Nick Prince

Club Run – Sunday 8th March 2020


Twenty one riders turned out after buying up the entire local supply of toilet rolls, judging by the empty shelves due to panic over Covid 19. The B group set out for Goestry while the A group set out for Bollington via Abbey Green and Gun Hill which warmed us all up. We dropped in to Wildbourclough and up to the Cat and Fiddle Road before taking on the tricky descent past Lamaload. A choice was given between the less steep climb or Pyms Chair but we all chose the hard way. KOM, your humble narrator and QOM was Helen M who being the sole female rider may have no competition but it was International Woman’s Day after all.

We had a brief recovery stop which was much needed before dropping down in to Bollington where we were sandblasted by icy rain which was painful. We soon arrived at a new cafe, Farm Made and were soon enjoying the delights of coffee, cake and beans on toast. It was a little noisy for a Autistic rider so I had my ears covered at times, you yackity yaks!

We returned by Prestbury and Macclesfield where myself and Helen had a strange encounter with a Jaguar who passed close by and then stopped dead before blasting off with a roar of exhaust? We headed though Broken Cross and in to Gawsworth where it was decided to have a fast pace ride back so myself and Helen rode back alone as the rigours of Pyms Chair and making riders look good in the log proved too much for me to keep up. We rode on past Bosley Lights and in to Rushton Spencer where I turned off for sunny Biddulph.

Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and for finding a good cafe.

Nick P

Ps, I may have written a email to the I newspaper and invited Janet Street Porter along on a club ride so sorry about that! 

Club Run – Sunday 1st March 2020


Nineteen riders turned out for the dry weather, the A group went to Whitmoore at a average of 17mph according to ride leader, Rich C. This struck me with fear after a fortnight on the turbo and the rollers and a recent visit to London, leaving me feeling unfit and unable to keep up so not for me!   

The B group led by Andy B went to Whetton via Buxton Road, up the main climb to Morridge, dropping in to Warslow and Hulme End before climbing out to Whetton. We were soon enjoying coffee and cakes and the usual bacon rolls.

We returned home via the Mainfold Valley and Grindon before dropping in to Onccote and climbing up to Morridge where the group headed back to Thornclife and Buxton Road while I carried on along Morridge.

Thanks to Andy B for leading the ride and to Rich C.

Nick P

Upcoming Event


LeekCC Paul Derbyshire Memorial, Hilly Reliability 2020 (52mls)

Sunday 15th March

Signing on from 8:30am
Riders off 9:05am
Buffet from 2pm in Den Engel, followed by the annual Trophy event.

£4 Ride Only
£5 Buffet Only
£7.50 Ride n Buffet

Route available via the link below-

All Welcome

 If you are interested in riding the Reliability please email

Club Run – Sunday 23rd Feb 2020


The main group set out for a ride and rode in to Ashbourne but due to the widespread flooding, there were several route changes which took them to Sudbury and back. It was a long, 75 mile ride according to Tony. A short log but I was away enjoying the delights of London.

Nick P

Club Run – Sunday 8th Feb 2020


Storm Ciara has arrived in Leek!!

Rob Howson and a small group rode out to a posh cafe in Wilmslow. Not sure what this title denotes but I guess they will turn you away if you earn less than 30k a year! This was due to the storm winds forecast for Sunday which going out on a bike would be unsafe. Dave M was planning a ride to Tatton but I am unaware if this took place. I was told that Andy B’s group was planning a ten am Sunday ride but again am unsure if this will take place given the weather warnings issued. Strap your roof down, the car down and get on the turbo is my advice.

Nick P

Club Run – Sunday 2nd Feb 2020


Twenty three riders turned out. The A group riding to Bakewell via Flash in order to train for the hills. It was good to see Rob H back out with the club. The B group set out for Knustford via Rudyard, Bosley and Marton and  Jodrell Bank and Marthall before reaching the Lambing Shed where we soon enjoying coffee and cakes and bacon rolls. Helen H battled to take my picture but as I hate this, I did my best to thwart her efforts.

We rode home via Tott, Chelmford and Siddington before reaching Gawsworth. Here I had issues trying to fold up my new rain jacket and battling my Dyspraxia but gave up. We rode on to the main Mac-Leek road but I had to stop as I was feeling like a boil in the bag meal so had to take the jacket off while the group rode on through Rushton Spencer and Rudyard before arriving back in Leek. Thanks to Shaun D for leading the ride.

Oh I almost forgot!! Thanks to Rodger G for his kind comments with regard to my hazard prompting hand signals, to which I replied with a rude hand signal. Well admit it, you would too! 

Nick P 

Club Run Sunday 26th Jan 2020


Twenty one riders turned out to brave the rain. The B group rode to Ashbourne and the Flower Pot Cafe led by Shaun while the A group rode to Carsington. We rode out via Ashbourne Road and up to Bottom House before turning for Ipstones Edge and down in to Ellistone and Norbury. One rider suffered a puncture in Osmaston so we split in to two groups. We rode in to Bradley and in to Carsington where the regulation sprint took past along the dam. We were glad to get in the dry and warmth and soon were enjoying coffee and cakes. Dan N decided to head back home.

Due to the rain it was decided to head back by a more direct route so we headed to Tissington and Thorpe before dropping in to Ilam and climbing up to Waterhouses and reaching the main road back to Bottom House and Leek. I pulled off at Bottom House to take in the view from Morridge of the mist and yet more rain. A team picture was suggested at Carsington but the mere thought of removing phones from waterproof jackets and pockets was enough to laugh off the suggestion and we await a dry day for another team photo.

Nick P

Club Run Sunday 29th Dec 2019


Twenty one riders turned out for the ride. The B group went to Whetton while the main group rode to Sudbury via Bradnop, Blore, Ashbourne, Bradley and Longford where we stopped to call the cafe to warn them of a late arrival. Rich C’s wonderful phone call was the subject of much discussion! We rode on at a fast pace to reach Hatton and then Sudbury where we had just sat down when Phil G joined us and denied the Bentley four by four was not his!. 

We headed back along Doveridge and Marston Montgomery and in to Norbury prior to taking on the tough climb up to Ranshorn and Cauldon lowe. We continued on along Ipstones Edge and down in to Bottom house and arrived back in Leek at around 2.30pm. Thanks to Rich C for being ride leader and for putting up with our mockery.

Nick P 

Club Run – Sun 22nd Dec 2019


A large turn out of twenty riders set out for Knutsford although the B group pulled off at some point apart from Tony S who joined the main group. We rode out up Rudyard and in to Bosley and North Rhode and Goestry and Peover and Toft before reaching the Lambing shed apart from me who pulled over and lost the main group so had a little tour of Knustford before re-joining the group at the cafe. The Christmas tradition of Rich c’s hipflask was continued and passed around to be drained by the group.

We returned by Ollverton and Great Warford and Alderly Edge before tacking on the climb up to The Wizzard and up to Broken Cross where I got lost again and so did the search party, just one of those days! We carried on to Gawsworth and Bosley and Rushton Spencer where I turned off for home but the main group headed back to Leek. Thanks to Ride leaders Rich C and the other Rich C.

Nick P 

Club Run 17th November 2019


Sunday the 17th Of November,

A large turn out of twenty three riders met at the Market Place and the main A group set off for Tatton Park while the B group set out for Marton via Rushton Spencer and Bosley before reaching the cafe at Marton. As we arrived at a early nine thirty it was decided to lengthen the ride back by going to Sutton lane Ends but on the way out of Marton, one rider had a puncture which was a struggle to repair due to the tight Ultergra wheel and caused damage to two inner tubes but as they repaired the rear one it was noted that the front had developed a leak so it was simply pumped up to avoid more damage. Of course it was raining while this took place!. We carried on to Gawsworth and Sutton before descending in to Wincle and down Gun Hill before reaching Meerbrook and back in to Leek, Thanks to Ant A for leading the ride back.

Nick Prince.

Note the name change as I have taken my Great-Grandfathers surname and I note in the archives that there was a Prince club member so am proud to continue the tradition.


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Club Run – 10th November 2019


The eight AM group went out to Foxt while the main group went out Cheshire way as I spotted them returning on the main Mac road and it judging by the tired faces as I drove past, it must have been a tough ride. The B group went out to Wetton via Throwley Hall and included a mature veteran cyclist among the group. What was I doing while the club were cycling? Well, I was out litter picking around Warslow as I suffer with Raynards that only affects me when out cycling worse luck so I like to show my love of the Moorlands by removing the litter, six bags from the one stretch of road!.
Nick A

Club member and former Royal Marine Sean Daly proudly placed a wreath on behalf of Leek Cyclists Club at the Remembrance Service at the Monument on Rememberance Sunday.

Club Run Write Up’s


Sunday 6th of October
twelve riders set out for Eccleshall via Leekbrook, Cheddleton, Consall and Dilhorne. Shaun D and myself pulled off to head for Denstone as we were not keeping up. The rest of the group continued to the artisan Cafe and returned home via Barleston, Roughclose and Western Coyney, Cheddleton and Leek. Ride leader was Rich C.
Nick A
Sunday 13th Of October,
Gun Hill TT four brave riders took part as the cold, wet weather put everyone else off including myself. Ten riders then set out for Morton via Rushton Spencer and Gawsorth and Siddleworth before reaching the cafe. We rode back via Congleton, The Cloud and Biddulph Moor before reaching Rudyard and Leek. Phil G was ride Leader while Sean M provided the soundtrack of Simon And Garfunkel with his constant whisling!
Nick A
Sunday The 19th Of October,
The main group went to Audlem while the B group set out for Monyash ridding out along Buxton Road and in to Thornclife and along Mooridge before dropping in to Longnor and Earl Sterndale before reaching Monyash and the Old Smithy Cafe.
We rode back via Parsley Hay and Longdale before riding through Hartington and Hulme End and the climb up to Butterton and in to Oncecote. We dropped back in to Thornclife and back in to Leek. Rodger G was ride leader and it was nice to see Alison H back out with the group. We did have a new rider William W but he was struggling so pulled of on the way out but we hope to have him back out with the group soon.
Nick A
Sunday the 27th Of October,
A large turn out of fourteen riders set off in two groups for Tissington so I set out with the B group via Thornclife and Warslow and Hulme end before heading to Alstonfield and Parwich before reaching Tissington.
We had a wait to be served as the main group had just sat down as we arrived but soon we found a table to join in. We rode back via Thorpe and Mappleton and Blore before climbing up to Cauldon Lowe and Ipstones Edge before dropping down in to Bottom House and Bradnop and back in to Leek. Rodger G was ride leader and it was good to see Alex C back out with the main group after a absence due to university commitments.
Nick A
Sunday The 3rd Of November,
sixteen riders set out for Jodrell Bank while the main group set out for the new cafe at Millers Dale station. We rode out via Bosley, Marton and Stretham and Goestry before reaching Jodrell Bank.  The coffee there was much commented on as it was so good.
We rode back via Lower Withington and Sissingtonand Warren before reaching Gawsorth and Rushotn Spencer and back in to Leek. Andy B and Rodger G led the ride.
Nick A


Club Champioship Results 2019


Below is a list of the Leek Cyclists Club Championships events and their results from 2019. Congratulations to all the champions and well done to all who competed.

Hilly Time Trial 16th April (Bosley Hilly Course ran by Congleton CC)

1   Rich Coates     30:45

Club 10 mile Time Trial 7th May (Chelford Course ran by Congleton CC)

1   Rob Howson      24:05
2   Rich Coates       24:38                                                                                                    3   Adrian Derbyshire   25:07                                                                                               4   Paul Haywood    25:49

Club 5 mile Time Trial 3rd June (Rushton Course ran by Leek CC)

Full Results, Joe Molyneaux is the Club Champion, Jamie Jeffery 2nd & Rich Whalley 3rd.

1. Jordan Hill (Velo Runner) 10:37
2. Joe Molyneaux 11:09
3. Jamie Jeffrey 11:21
4. Rich Whalley 11:32
5. Josh Wilkes (Velo Runner) 11:56
6. Rob Breeze 12:03
7. Alex Coates (Pro Vision) 12:07
8. Barry Riley 12:21
9. Ade Derbyshire 12:31
10. Jo Clay 12:35
11. Paul Haywood 12:38
12. Rachel Brown (Pro Vision) 12:51
13. Chris Meir 12:57
14. Dave Magnier 13:18
15. Craig Talks 13:40

Club 25 mile Time Trial 16th July (Chelford Course ran by Congleton CC)

1– Jamie Jeffery 1:00:26
2– Ade Derbyshire 1:02:39
3– Rich Coghill 1:03:35
4– Rich Coates 1:04:58
5– Jonathan Bright 1:07:27

Club 50 Mile Time Trial 20th July (Middlewich Course ran by Congleton CC)

1- Rich Coates  2:12:50                                                                                                      2- Damion Ellis  2:31:52

Club 100 Mile Time Trial 14th July (Market Drayton Course ran by SCCA / WCTTCA)

 1- Adrian Derbyshire   4:49:29

Club 24hr Time Trial 20th July (Mersey Roads National 24hr Championship)

1- Adrian Derbyshire   370.74 miles

Club 12hr Time Trial 18th August (Ran by WCTTCA & LTTCA )

1- Adrian Derbyshire    218.59 miles                                                                                2– Ian Peacock             DNF

Club Hill Climb 13th October (Gun Hill course ran by Leek CC)

1-  Rob Howson 5:41
2-  Simon Knott 7:17
3-  Jamie Jeffrey 7:48
4-  Dave Magnier 7:54

Rich Coates Club Hilly TT and Club 50 TT Champion

Joe Molyneaux Club 5 mile TT Champion

Jamie Jeffery Club 25 Mile Champion
           Adrian Derbyshire Club 100 Mile TT, 12 hour TT & 24 hour TT Champion

                        Rob Howson  Club 10 mile TT & Club Hill Climb Champion

AGM 2019


This years Leek Cyclists Club Annual General Meeting, will be held on Monday November the 11th, at 8:00pm in The Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek . During the meeting we will be discussing a variety of topics including Club Championships, Club Rides and Social Events.

Club Hill Climb Championship


This years Club Hill Climb Championship will once again be held at Gun Hill on October 13th 2019. Signing on is at Meerbrook Village Hall from 9:30AM with the first rider off at 10:00AM. Entry fee is £3. Best of luck to all competitors


Legbreaker 2019


Forty seven riders set out on the Legbreaker in the cold and misty weather. The faster riders set out first and groups of ten at two minute intervals after. I was riding with a group but managed to end up alone in the wilds of the Moorlands, worrying about the locals and if they could tell I voted remain? Who knows what pagan rituals go on around here? Think of the scene in the film “Wicker Man” and you will see where I am going with this and no, not the scene with Brit Eckland!
The feed station was set up well by Andy Bain and was much appreicated after the hard slog to reach it. The B group had mechanical issues and had decided to cut short the ride which was a shame but great effort by all riders. The climb up Hollinsclough was tough and the weather had turned again to mist and chilly so the climbs soon warmed the riders up. I was caught by two riders by back of The roaches so we carried on together up Gun and on to Lask Edge where I pulled off for home and a wellcome shower. Thanks to Andy Bain for putting out the signs and for manning the feed station. No thanks whatsoever to Nick A who came along to put out the signs and did nothing but complain about missing the Archers on Radio Four and about not featuring in this weeks CW and boasting about his newly aquired Blue Badge and wanting to park on every double yellow line on the route! However, the threat of a flask of instant coffee soon had him screaming and running along to put out the signs!
Nick A

Legbreaker 2019


On Sunday September the 15th 2019,Leek Cyclists Club will once again be staging the Legbreaker. We will once again be offering two routes choices , The classic 80 Mile ride and a reduced but still very tough 54 mile ride.The Legbreaker which has been a great success over the years is renowned as one of the best in the country, with it being dubbed the “Hell of the Moorlands” mainly because of the amount of tough steep Moorland climbs, which you have to conquer to complete the ride. The ride takes in some of the best scenery the Staffordshire Moorlands & The Peak District has to offer and includes steep climbs out of Ilam, Hollinsclough and the famous Gun Hill.

We have once again revised the route slightly so to avoid the ford in Butterton, which means riders are to ride up from Grindon and then ride to the T junction joining the B5053, then turn right onto the B5053 and then take the first right and drop into Butterton and then drop into Ecton for the feed station. For more information and to download the GPS File please click on the link below

80 Mile Route Info
54 Mile Route Info

Signing on will be from 8:30AM in the Market Place in the centre of Leek, with riders off at 9:00AM.The cost of the ride is £6, with all proceeds going to Charity. There will be one feed station during the ride which will be located at Ecton which is after dropping into the Manifold Valley from Butterton. Riders will be provided with a route card and a map & the route will be fully signed. Once riders have completed the ride can they please make their way to the Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek to Sign In (Den Engel is situated on Stanley Street just off the Market Place).
If you are interested in taking part in this years Legbreaker please contact the below email address or Telephone Number, so that numbers can be judged and the correct amount of food & drink can be ordered for the Feed Station. Best of Luck to all riders & please ride safe.
Contact Andy Bain on : Email –
Telephone – 07450435754

Club Run – August 25th 2019


The 8am group were heading up Gun Hill while the A group went to Knustford, the B group headed to Bolington. We headed out along the main Mac road and turned off for Gawsworth and headed to Prestbury and along some fine Cheshire lanes until we reached Bollington and the cafe. We sat outside and enjoyed the welcome warmth after many weeks of rain.
It was decided to return to Leek via Pot Shrigley and the Brickworks climb which soon warmed the riders up. At the summit, we were overtaken by Laura Keeny, track champion which was nice to see. We re-grouped and carried on to Kettleshume and up to Pyms Chair which left a few riders gasping for breath in the heat. We dropped down in to the Goyt valley and found the road had been closed off but other riders had been on line to to say it was passable. We rode on to find two bridges had parts washed away by the heavy rain and we could see in places just how high the water level had been. We decided to head back by the more direct route of up to the Cat And Fiddle pub and turn off to head back down to Wildbourclough and Wincle. I left the group just near the top of Gun Hill to head home while the group carried on to Leek to complete a 51 mile ride. Thanks to Steve B for leading the ride.
Nick A

Club Run – 18th August 2019


The main group set out for Abbots Bromley while the B group aka The Magnificent Seven set out for Knutsford. We set off a brisk pace along the main Rudyard road and re-grouped at Bosley Lights before turning off for Gawsworth and Broken Cross and Alderly Edge and in to Great Warford before reaching Knutsford and the Lambing Shed. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the rare sun and dry weather before realising that every wasp in Cheshire had the same idea. The riders were soon enjoying Bacon Rolls and discusing the cost.
We decided to head back via Toft and on the way out of Knutsford, we were amused by the sight of a lane full of gated communties which led to a disscusion on how life would be in such a estate. We carried on in to Marthall and Over Peover before reaching Morton and back in to Gawsworth and Bosley Lights. We rode through Rushton spencer and here I left for the sunny delights of Biddulph. I was told it would be a sixty mile ride so well done to all riders and thanks to Roger G for leading the ride and for putting up with our banter over his sense of direction. Thanks to Steve B for stroking the tempoary traffic lights in to letting us through! I note that Neil Canbell has broken the cycling speed record of 174mph so I expect he will be out with the thrash group on Thursday then!
Nick A


Club Run – 11th August 2019


The main group set out to ride the reliablity route backwards while a select group of three riders and myself set out for Monyash. I was allowed to join the B group on the understanding that I would make them look good in the log. What can I say, I like a challenge! We set out along Thnornclife and in to the fog on Morridge before dropping down in to Newtown and the clear skys. We rode through Longnor and in to Earl Sterndale before reaching Hurdlow and Monyash. We were soon enjoying coffee and bacon rolls and the Thursday night thrash was debated. Myself and Rodger raised a few eyebrows at this and though better of it, not for us!
We decided to head back to Leek via Parsley Hay and along Longdale and in to Hartington before reaching Hulme end and we turned off for Butterton for a change. We decended in to Onecote and climbed up to Morridge where we could see the rain arriving again after a rare dry spell. We carried on back in to Thorncliffe and in to Meerbrook where i dropped off to head home while the group carried on to Abbey Green and Leek.
Thanks to Phil G for leading the ride and it was good to see Phil back out after a period of ill health.
Nick A

Club Run – August 5th 2019


The B ride set out for Eccleshall while the main group decided to ride out past Carsington and head back to Hartington to avoid the rain. We rode out to Bottom House and along Ipstones Edge before dropping in to Norbury and in to Snelstone and Wyston before heading to Bradly and past Carsington. We continued on to the sharp climb out of Brassington where Chris E had a puncture as well as a issue with sun cream dripping in to his eyes so we hope there was no harm done to his eyes. The puncture fixed we carried on to Elton and in to Middleton and Newhaven where we had a few drops of rain but that was all. We arrived in Hartington and the group of eight were soon enjoying coffee and eating all the supplies of beans on toast as well as cake to fuel the trip home.
We decided to head back by the direct route as rain was forecast so headed to Hulme End and up to Warslow before heading towards the Mermaid. Here, Nick D had a head start and maintained his lead all the way to the top despite our best efforts to catch him so well done Nick. We re-grouped and headed down in to Thornclife where I left for Biddulph.
Thanks to Dave M for leading a great ride of an estimated fifty three mile ride.
Nick A


Club Run – July 21st 2019


The main group set out for Castelton while the B group set out for Denstone via Leekbrook and Ipstones before dropping down in to Froghall and up to High edge before reaching Great Gate and along to Denstone, here we had a detour due to a mix up over the shout of “On your right” so headed along the main road to Rocester before we arrived in Denstone. I would like to point out that Apollo Eleven missed the intended landing site by four miles fifty years ago so no one is perfect. We arrived at Denstone Farm cafe and were soon enjoying coffee and cakes.
It was decided to head back via Quickshall and Wotten before climbing up to Ramshorn and Ipstones Edge. We stopped at Bottom House to decide who was going where and headed along Mooridge before turning off for Thornclife and Leek. Thanks to Andy B for leading the ride.
Nick A


Club Run – July 14th 2019


The B group set out to Marton while twelve riders set out on the main group to Moberley. We set out along the main Mac road and in to Gawsworth before riding past the Wizzard and in to Mobberley and to the Barnshaw Smith Cafe. This was our first visit and we were soon enjoying coffee and beans on toast. We were also introduced to Mark P, a ex club member and TT champ who came back out with the club which was great. Two riders arrived on Penny Farthings which created a lot of interest.
We returned to Leek via Tatton Park but on the way managed to lose Karl so we carried on in to Knutsford and Over Peover and Siddington. It was here that I began to have stomach cramps and pain so ended up getting slower and slower but managed to keep pedaling. At Gawsworth, I asked the group to carry on as I knew the route home so they carried on through Rushton Spencer and back in to Leek. I arrived back at 13.46 after a fifty nine mile ride led by Rich G. Thanks for waiting for me in Leek guys. I spotted Karl on my way home so he too managed to find the route back.
Nick A

Club Run – July 7th 2019


We had quite a large turn our for both groups on Sunday as there were a few riders out we have not seen for a while due to ill health and other reasons but nice to see riders out with the club. The A group set out for Matlock and returned back to Leek via a route that took in the Outer Herbrides. Meanwhile, the B group set out for Whetton via Leekbrook and Ipstones and Windy Arbour before dropping in to waterhouses and along to Calton and past Throwley Hall and in to Ilam. The climb out of Ilam soon warmed us all up and we continued in to Wetton before reaching the Village Hall and were soon enjoying Coffee and cakes as well as beans on toast.
We returned by the steep descent in to the Manifold Valley and along the track and through the tunnel which raised a few laughs before reaching Hulme End and here we turned off for Warslow via the steep climb out. There was some discusion about the best way to Morridge but as they all involve hills, we decided to head back by the direct route and so took on the climb. Rich C took the KOM title here. The group descend in to Thorncliffe and I parted company to head back to the delights of Biddulph. A great ride led by Andy B despite the moaning about hills. The lesser cyclists out there meanwhile took on a flat stage of the TDF.

Club Run – June 30th 2019


Two groups set out for Hackwood Farm riding out along Ashbourne Road but at Bottom House the A and B groups split so we carried on with thirteen riders via Ipstones Edge and in to Ramshorn and Ellastone and Cubley. At Longlane, we encountered what seemed to be the entire contents of a local quarry scattered across the road so it was a struggle to avoid the chippings. We pulled off to take a short cut to Hackwood and were soon at the cafe and sitting out in the warm for once. A group picture was taken along with a Leek so one for next years callender!
We returned via Sutton On The Hill at a fast pace which left me well behind. We continued to Marston Montgomery and Rocester before riding in to Denstone and Alton and along Red Road to Oakamoor and the sharp climb out of the valley. We turned off to head to Kingsley and I was so beyond hitting the wall, I was down to the footings by this point. I should have pleaded to be allowed in to the Woodhouse Autism centre! Near to Kingsley, we came across a young lady rider with a front brake fault so Dave M pulled over to help and the group helped shelter her from the traffic until we passed her home, well done Dave! We carried on to Cheddleton where we dropped off Dave M and Rich C, I continued alone back to Leek while the group had a chat before they returned to Leek at 3.30pm after a tough sixty eight mile ride. It was a long one due to two punctures and waiting for me to catch up, sorry guys!
Nick A

Club Run – June 23rd 2019


Two groups met up in the market place The B ride were heading to Hartington while the main group were heading to Knutsford. We set out along Mill Street and past Rudyard before reaching Gawsworth. We passed through Homes Chapel and on to Lower Peover and Mathall before riding in to Knutsford. Here we had a few issues with our Garmins as the route was not clear to us so we had a little tour of the streets before we realised we were outside the Courtyard Cafe. Soon riders were enjoying the warmth outside for once and artisan food at artisan prices.
We decided to head back by riding through the nearby Tatton Park estate to see the deer and stags and were rewarded with quite a collection. We then headed to Ashley and were soon riding at a good pace on the flats of Cheshire. We passed near to Alderly Edge and the Wizard pub where the group stopped for a chat before we set off for Broken cross and back to Gawsworth and back on to the main Leek road. Here it became every man for himself so we rode hard to make the front. Soon it was myself, Shaun and Nick D racing away and I managed to pass Nick for a brief spell at the front before he passed me to take the sprint in to Leek. We arrived back at 2.16pm after a fun, seventy mile ride. Thanks to all who helped navigate as unsure who was ride leader. I did my best to record the route so any mistakes are mine alone as I simply do not know Cheshire well.

Club Run – June 16th 2019


Fourteen riders turned out to dodge the showers on the way to Eccleshall. The short group were heading out towards Goostery. The main group set out to Cheddelton where a brief stop was made to meet up with Andy and Jo who had a broken spoke to repair. We met up and carried on through Dilhorne and Blythe Bridge before reaching Stallington and  Hilderstone. We rode through Sandon and on to Great Bridgeford before continuing on to Eccleshall. It was here that our original cafe choice was full due to Fathers Day so we headed back to Norbury Junction where we found plenty of seats outside but as were were queing, it started to rain again so we managed to find seats indoors.
We headed back via Eccleshall  and Swynerton and Barleston and Rough Close. Here we said goodbye to Andy and Jo and carried on to Meir and Weston Coyney and Werrington. We rode through Longsdon and parted company with Ride Leader, Dave M and continued in to Leek after a enjoyable but tough ride. I do not have a computer on my wet/winter bike so am unable to record the mileage. I hope riders did not think I was being rude by leaving the cafe early but being sensitive to noise causes me issues at times and I need a break so bear with me, its tough being on the spectrum. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and to Carl for helping me with recording the route.
Nick A
The riders at Norbury Junction

Club Run – June 9th 2019


Fourteen riders turned out for the main group ride to Carsington water. Andy Bains group rode out to Wetton to a new cafe in the village. We set out along Ashbourne road and much to our surprise we turned off along School Lane in Bradnop so this soon warmed us all up. We then dropped in to Onecote and up to Butterton before reaching Mill Dale and Parwich. We then headed towards Longclife before turning off to head to Brassington and then in to the visitors centre at Carsington. Here we found club member Jonathon enjoying a drink so we invited him to join us inside. We were soon enjoying beans on toast and cakes and coffee.
It was decided to head back via Hulland ward and Bradly before reaching Snelston and Norbury and the long climb to Ramshorn. Here we re-grouped and headed along Ipstones edge and here “Storm Gareth” decided to attack on the descent to Bradnop. Cheered on by a few riders, he was soon in front but the others were not going to let him get away with it so then I found myself at the back, struggling to hang on but managed to catch up before Lowe Hill. We met up in Leek after a fifty three mile ride. Thanks to Dave M who led an interesting new take on the usual route to Carsington and one we will have to ride again sometime. It was good to see Chris E back out after his accident.
Nick A
The 9am group at the Carsington vistors centre
   Riders out on 9am “The shorter Club Run” pictured with Throwley Hall in the background

Club Run – June 2nd 2019


There were two groups setting out from the market place. Andy Bain’s group went to Flash Bar while the main group set out for Hayfield. There were nine riders in the main group and most claimed to know the route so we set out via Mill Street and Abbey Green before reaching Meerbrook where it became apparant that in fact, most riders had no idea of where we were going so ride leader Shaun M turned to his Garmin for advice and so we carried on to Wincle and in to the Goyt Valley before reaching Kettleshulme where we had a fast paced descent in to Whaley Bridge. Here we decided to head to the Bridge Cafe instead of Hayfield so we were soon enjoying coffee and large slices of cake.
It was decided to head back via Long Hill so there was quite a competiton to see if we could beat twenty minutes to the top but as we faced a headwind all the way, this was quite an ask. Shaun and Rob B and  Steve W were leading the peleton up the climb and only just missed the target so good effort guys. We dropped back down in to the Goyt and up to Derbyshire Bridge where we were treated to the sight of the mighty “Two Sauces Simcock” throwing down his bike and lying flat on the floor due to leg cramp. At this point, the group took a few steps back away from him before declaring it safe to continue, you had us worried there Phil! We rode up to the Cat And Fiddle road and turned on to the A54 to head back to Algreave and Gradbach before riding along the Back Of The Roaches and in to Meerbrook. On the descent we were shocked to see a cow and bull by the side of the road so we did not hang around there! We headed back through Abbey Green and back in to Leek at 2.15pm after a fifty mile ride. Thanks to Shaun M for taking over navigation.
Nick A

Rob Howson wins Club 10 TT


On Tuesday the 7th of May, Four club members took part in the Clubs 10 mile TT Championships which took place on the Chelford course just outside Congleton. On a clear and sunny evening a strong ride from Rob Howson saw him come out the winnner with a time of 24:05, followed by Rich Coates in second with a time of 24:38 & Adrian Derbyshire in third with a time of 25:07 and Paul Haywood in fourth with a time of 25:49. Congratulations to Rob and well done to everybody who took part. A thank you from the Club must go to Congleton CC for hosting and marshalling the event.


  1. Rob Howson              24:05
  2. Rich Coates               24:38
  3. Adrian Derbyshire      25:07
  4. Paul Haywood            25:49

                                                           Rob Howson

Club Run – May 19th 2019


The majority of the club took part in the Dougie Mac ride so eleven riders met up in Leek to go out for a short ride. There was a route to Flash but there was another route suggested so we split in to two. We headed out along Abbey Green to Meerbrook and up Gun Hill and in to Allgreave before climbing to Flash and descending at quite a pace in to Longnor where there were a few groans when we turned left to head to Glutton Bridge and in to Earl Sterndale before reaching Long Dale and Hartington. We arrived at the cafe to sit indoors before deciding to enjoy the warmth outside. The other group headed out along Thornclife and Hartington before reaching Flash.
We headed back along Hulme End and Sheen before dropping in to Longnor again and up to Newtown. Here Rich C showed amazing bike control when his pedal struck gravel but he soon had it under control despite a slight cut where he hit the front brake. We climbed to the Mermaid and dropped down in to Thornclife but here I left the group to ride back to Biddulph so am unable to record the time back and mileage. Thanks to Phil G for leading the ride and it was nice to Aide H back out.
Nick A
All our riders who took part once agian in the Dougie Mac Charity Ride, raising money for the hospice.
Also a number of club riders enjoyed a mountain bike ride into the Peak District, taking in the three shires head and Macclesfield forest. thanks to Dan Noble for leading the ride.

Club Run – May 12th 2019


The main group set out for Ellesmere and at a average of eighteen miles an hour while eleven sensible riders set out for Marton at a steady pace. All eleven riders had a different idea of the route so we had a few issues with each turn and when passing through Rudyard, we split up in to two groups. We headed up to Horton and Laxedge and over Biddulph Moor. We carried on past the Cloud and  in to Marton. We pulled up at The Old Barn where we found the other group already seated, we must have passed each other on the way as we were minutes behind. We sat out and enjoyed the sunshine and talked about the Giro and the cost of cafes in Cheshire. I note that “Two Sauces” was down to one sauce, could this be a diet?
We headed back via Gawsworth and Sutton before reaching Wincle and Dane Bridge and Gun Hill. I turned off here to head back to Biddulph while the group headed back through Meerbrook and arrived in leek after a thirty eight mile ride led by Steve, thank you for a amazing route along quiet lanes and easy climbs. It was nice to see some new riders including Shaun M’s wife, Helen. Thank you to all the riders who complimented me on my interview in Cycling Weekly. I am pleased that autism is being talked about and the feedback from the autism community has also being positive.
Nick A
                   The interview with Nick which was in this weeks Cycling Weekly

Club Run – May 5th 2019


Sixteen riders set out for Bunbury after dealing with a lose valve on Steve W bike. Thanks to the stall holder for the loan of the mole grips. We set out along Rudyard and Biddulph Moor and in to Kidsgrove and in to Alsager where Rich C had issues with his rear mech so we had a break to deal with that and enjoyed the sight of a electric motor bike, very strange to hear no noise! We were soon on the move and heading in to Nantwich and Barthomly where Gavin suffered a puncture so I helped with that and we carried on to Bunley where we were soon enjoying large helpings of beans on toast and eggs and even chips. But even this was not enough carbs for some riders and cans of pepsi and cakes were ordered
We headed back via Astbury, Hightown, Newtown and Rudyard before arriving back in Leek at 3.40PM after a long, 78 miles. Thanks to Jamie J and “Storm Gareth” for leading the ride via Garmin. I am sorry for not being more acurate with the route but I do not know Cheshire at all and looking at the map was no help. Can I take this Rapha hair shirt off now?
Nick A

Club Run – April 28th 2019


Nine riders set out on the steady ride to Hartington. The main group were heading for Matlock but note there was some confusion over to the exact destination so I can only assume they went there. The steady group dropped me on the way through Leekbrook and along the lanes to Basford! We did re-group and continued up to Ipstones and up to Cauldon Lowe before dropping in to Blore. At this point, the mighty “Two Sauces Symcock” joined us after finding the main group pace a little hard to keep up with. We dropped in to Ilam and took on the climb out where we had fun seeing Simon M on his French, nineteen twenties single speed frame. He almost made it and had to admit defeat just near the final bend but did make another attempt to complete. We carried on in to Alstonfield and in to Hartington where we were soon enjoying coffee and cake.
It was decided to head back by the direct route so we rode back along the road to Hulme End and up the climb to Warslow before turning for Morridge. Here Aide M set a punishing pace and dropped the group. He was caught near the foot of the second climb and I took a turn on the front to shelter him from the wind, well tried too with my thin frame! He soon recovered and took the KOM, well done Aide.  We re-grouped and descended to Thornclife where Aide M had a puncture but simply decided to pump it up and deal with it at home so we carried on in to Leek arriving at 1.05Pm after a 34 mile ride. Thanks to Andy Bain for leading the ride and it was so good to see Simon M back out on the bike after his accident.
Nick A
                           Club rider Simon Morralls 1920’s single speed bike

Hilly Reliability 2019


Thirty three riders turned out for the much missed Hilly Reliability cancelled due to the snow for the last two years. We set out in groups to avoid causing traffic issues and rode up to Bradnop before taking on School Lane which warmed us up. A fast descent in to Onecote and on to Grindon before dropping down in to the Manifold valley before the steep climb back out and along the rutted track to Mill Dale and Parwich. Here we took on the long climb up to Longcliffe and a much welcome descent all the way in to Winster before climbing in to Youlgrave and Bakewell. Here I caught up with Rich C and Paul H so we made a little peleton and headed to Monyash before another climb to Parlsey Hay. We headed along Longdale and dropped in to Crowdecote where Rich C showed me how to descend, wish I could but Dyspraxia gets in my way! We stopped off in longnor to say hello to Jo k who was enjoying a snack at the cafe before carrying on to Newtown and Mooridge and Thorncliffe before arriving back  in Leek and Den Engles after a fifty three mile ride where riders could partake in a free coffee and a recovery glass of beer! Thanks to Phil G for organising the event and putting out the signs and for Andy B for helping collect them.
Nick A

Club Run – April 14th 2019


A large group of sixteen riders turned out to ride to Barton Marina. It was nice to Andy Bain back out with the club after a break and we had a new Rider Andy J join us, a man who picks his cycling routes by placing a bike wheel above a map with a pointer fitted now beat that GPS!. We set out along Ashbourne road and up to Bottom House and along Ipstones Edge before reaching Cauldon Lowe. Here myself and the two Andys decided to turn off for Longnor as we felt we would not keep up with the main group so they carried on in to Ellastone and Roston, Doveridge and Sudbury and Needwood before reaching Barton Marina for a  cafe stop. They met up with Alison H who joined them for the return leg through Dunstall, Woodlane and Hoar Cross, Abbots Bromley, Bramshall, Tean, Kingsley Moor, Leek. Thanks to Rich C for leading a 75 mile ride and for Andy B for leading a 37 mile ride.
Nick A

Hilly Reliability


Due to heavy snow in early March which saw the cancellation of our annual Hilly Reliability Ride. We have decided to reschudule the ride and it will now take place on April 21st 2019.  The Paul Derbyshire Memorial Reliability ride is a scenic 52 mile ride through the Peak Distrtict, which takes in some lovely lanes and challenging climbs. The ride will be followed by drinks at The Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek. The ride will start in the Market Place in the centre of Leek & will finish at the Den Engel where riders are asked to return so they can sign out, signing on is from 8.45am with the riders due to start at 9.15am. For more information please contact

Prices for the event are:
Ride only :             £4

For more information on the route & to download a GPS File of the route please click on the link below



Flanders Trip


A number of riders enjoyed a trip over to Belguim in early April, to take part in the 108 mile ronde van vlaanderen cyclo which sees the riders take on the tough cobbled roads and climbs which the professionals ride in the legendary Tour of Flanders. They then watched the professionals during the race on the Sunday on the famous oude Kwaremont. Chapuau everyone

Club Championships 2019


The dates of this year’s club time trials are below:
Congleton CC, Tuesday 16th April
The course is around Timbersbrook/ Beat Lane/ A523 and the start is on Tunstall Road,
immediately west of the bridge over the River Dane.
First rider off at 18:45. Signing on is in the Harrington Arms car park at Bosley.
Please note: This is Congleton CC’s first event of the season, so takes place considerably
earlier than the corresponding event last year, which was held on 31st July!
10 mile
Congleton CC, Tuesday 8th May
Course is J2/1 (along the A537 from Monks Heath to Booths Hall Island on the outskirts of
First rider off 19:15. Race HQ and signingon is at Siddington Village Hall on the A34, about a
mile south of Monks’ Heath.
5 mile
Rushton Spencer to Leek, Monday 3rd June
Course is the A523 from Jim Hallam’s forecourt in Rushton Spencer to Tennant’s Chemicals in
First rider off at 19:00. Sign on from 18:00 in the White Lion car park.
Food afterwards in the White Lion.
Cost will be £6.00 for TT and food, £4.50 for food only (a quid increase sorry!)
25 mile
Congleton CC/ Macclesfield Wheelers, Tuesday 25th June
Course is JC/24.
First rider off at 19:15 on A537 before Chelford Island. Race HQ and signing-on is at
Siddington Village Hall.
50 mile
Congleton CC, Saturday 20th July.
Course is J4/16.
First rider off at 15:00.
HQ and signing-on last year was at Cranage Village Hall, but this has not been confirmed as
the venue for 2019, so check the CTT or Congleton CC websites closer to the time (Goostrey
or Allostock Village Halls have also been used in the past).
100 mile
SCCA & WCTTCA, Sunday 14th July
Course is D100/6A in Shropshire.
(D100/6 course details given on CTT site the D100/6a is same with minor tweaks)
The start is at Wollerton in Shropshire.
WCTTCA & LTTCA, Sunday 18th August
Course is D12/1.
The start is Prees Heath, near Whitchurch
National 24-Hour Championship (event organised by Mersey Roads Club), Saturday 20th July
Course is D24hr and is mainly in Shropshire, with a section in south Cheshire.
The start is at Farndon in Cheshire.
Hill climb
Gun Hill, Sunday 13th October
Start 10:00. Sign on at Meerbrook Village Hall from 09:30. Cost £3.00.
All the Congleton CC evening TTs are on Tuesday evenings from April to August check their
website for the full list:
They cost £4.00 for First or Second Claim members and £5.00 for non-members.
Notes on open events
All the above apart from the Leek CC 5 and hill climb and the Congleton Tuesday evening
TTs are open events and must be entered in advance there are no entries on the day.
Register with the Cycling Time Trials website for online entry, or postal entry forms are
available here:
Check the CTT website for closing dates for entries.
HQ details are not available for all the events check the CTT site for updates.
Helmets may be compulsory again, check the CTT site.

Club Run – April 7th 2019


Twelve riders set out for Crich via Warslow and Hulme End before dropping in to Hartington. Sadly, here we had a very close pass by a Porsche steering wheel holder but all riders were safe but shaken. We turned off for Newhaven and the pace picked up along the flat sections and the long descent in to Cromford. We had to navigate our way through a long traffic jam due to roadworks but were soon heading to Crich. Here, Rich C almost caused a crash as he pulled over to pick wild garlic! We continued on to climb the hill to the tram museum and to the cafe at the memorial. Here, riders laid siege to the chocolate cake to leave only crumbs. We were advised to call in ahead to ensure extra cake in future.
We gathered for a group picture near to the memorial although one unamed rider was missing in the facilities only to emerge to a round of applause!.
We set off back in to Crich and over to Wirksworth before climbing up to Longclife to enjoy the stunning views of the wind turbines. We dropped down in to Parwich before reaching Alsop en le Dale before turning off for Milldale and the long climb to Alstonfield. We set off for Hulme End and up to Warslow where we said goodbye to Andy M and Chris E. It was great to see Andy out after a long break. We carried on up to Morridge and rode through Thorncliffe before arriving back in Leek at 2.20PM after a fifty nine mile ride. Thanks to “Storm Gareth” and Dave M for leading the ride.
Nick A

Club Run -March 31st 2019


Three groups were out on Sunday, the early and the early nine am and the short nine am group so quite a good turn out. The early nine am group, The Magnificent Seven, cue theme music here!, set out for Stenson Lock. We rode out along Ashbourne road and up to Bottom House and Ipstones Edge before dropping down in to Ellastone and Norbury. Here, Rich C suffered a exploding wheel rim but luckily was not on a descent. After making sure he was ok and was being picked up, we carried on to Cubly and Longford before turning for Hilton and on to Willington. Here we turned off and headed to Stenson and soon arrived at the cafe to enjoy coffee and cakes as well as the usual.
We decided to trust navigation to Garmin and this took us to the Derby ring road which was a little frighting in the traffic but we got round and carried on by Markeaton and in to Kirk Langley where we decided to get off the main road and head back via Long Lane and Longford again. To make a change, we rode through Alkmonton and on to Cliffton and on to Oakover where we headed along the Leg breaker route to  Cauldon Lowe and back over Ipstones Edge and down in to Bottom House and arrived back in Leek at 2.40PM after a long, seventy seven mile ride. Thanks to Shaun for leading part of the ride.
Nick A

Club Run – March 24th 2019


Eight riders set out for Tideswell by a different route than normal. We set out along Abbey Green and Meerbrook and up to Roach End and the epic climb which raised a few eyebrows not to mention heart rates. We took on the steeper climb in to Flash as ride leader Sean was determined to make us suffer. We were glad to get on to the long, downhill stretch along Axe Edge in to Buxton where we made a few detours to avoid the long traffic ques caused by road works. We were soon on our way past Tunstead and in to Millers Dale and in to Tideswell to arrive a the H a D Bistro where riders were soon enjoying coffee and breakfast. Dave M taking on board extra calories with cake and beans on toast. It soon turned in to a competion to claim the breakfasts as they arrived from the kitchen and there was a few mistaken claims to other riders orders but we managed to sort it out.
There was talk of two groups going back by a direct route and a longer route but we all followed the direct route to avoid argument. We headed back in to Millers Dale and up the long climb up to Taddington and in to Monyash and up to Parsley Hay before reaching Long Dale and heading in to Hartington and Hulme End. It was a tough climb up to Warslow as we had a head wind all the way but Sean managed to take the lead. In Warlsow, it was decided to split as one group wanted to shelter from the wind by taking the route up Elkstones Bank while the other group wanted to go the direct route up out of Warslow and to the Mermaid. Myself and Sean and Dave M and Rob B took on the fearsome Elkstone Bank as we told the other group we would beat them to the Mermaid and we did! We carried on in to Thorncliffe and arrived back in Leek at 2.10PM after a fifty one mile ride. Thanks to Sean M for leading the ride and for putting up with our constant mockery of his navigation issues with his Garmin. If only he could lead us out of the Brexit mess so well! Due to our mockery we have been told Sean will be sending us to his newly opened “Re-Education camp” on Blackshaw Moor, “Butlins with barbed wire fencing ” is how he described it, he is too kind to us!
Nick A, Leeks King Of Obsolete.

Above is a photo from the 8am ride, they enjoyed a sunny ride over to Bollington and then returned to Leek via Kettleshulme and the Goyt Valley.