Club Championships 2019

The dates of this year’s club time trials are below:
Congleton CC, Tuesday 16th April
The course is around Timbersbrook/ Beat Lane/ A523 and the start is on Tunstall Road,
immediately west of the bridge over the River Dane.
First rider off at 18:45. Signing on is in the Harrington Arms car park at Bosley.
Please note: This is Congleton CC’s first event of the season, so takes place considerably
earlier than the corresponding event last year, which was held on 31st July!
10 mile
Congleton CC, Tuesday 8th May
Course is J2/1 (along the A537 from Monks Heath to Booths Hall Island on the outskirts of
First rider off 19:15. Race HQ and signingon is at Siddington Village Hall on the A34, about a
mile south of Monks’ Heath.
5 mile
Rushton Spencer to Leek, Monday 3rd June
Course is the A523 from Jim Hallam’s forecourt in Rushton Spencer to Tennant’s Chemicals in
First rider off at 19:00. Sign on from 18:00 in the White Lion car park.
Food afterwards in the White Lion.
Cost will be £6.00 for TT and food, £4.50 for food only (a quid increase sorry!)
25 mile
Congleton CC/ Macclesfield Wheelers, Tuesday 25th June
Course is JC/24.
First rider off at 19:15 on A537 before Chelford Island. Race HQ and signing-on is at
Siddington Village Hall.
50 mile
Congleton CC, Saturday 20th July.
Course is J4/16.
First rider off at 15:00.
HQ and signing-on last year was at Cranage Village Hall, but this has not been confirmed as
the venue for 2019, so check the CTT or Congleton CC websites closer to the time (Goostrey
or Allostock Village Halls have also been used in the past).
100 mile
SCCA & WCTTCA, Sunday 14th July
Course is D100/6A in Shropshire.
(D100/6 course details given on CTT site the D100/6a is same with minor tweaks)
The start is at Wollerton in Shropshire.
WCTTCA & LTTCA, Sunday 18th August
Course is D12/1.
The start is Prees Heath, near Whitchurch
National 24-Hour Championship (event organised by Mersey Roads Club), Saturday 20th July
Course is D24hr and is mainly in Shropshire, with a section in south Cheshire.
The start is at Farndon in Cheshire.
Hill climb
Gun Hill, Sunday 13th October
Start 10:00. Sign on at Meerbrook Village Hall from 09:30. Cost £3.00.
All the Congleton CC evening TTs are on Tuesday evenings from April to August check their
website for the full list:
They cost £4.00 for First or Second Claim members and £5.00 for non-members.
Notes on open events
All the above apart from the Leek CC 5 and hill climb and the Congleton Tuesday evening
TTs are open events and must be entered in advance there are no entries on the day.
Register with the Cycling Time Trials website for online entry, or postal entry forms are
available here:
Check the CTT website for closing dates for entries.
HQ details are not available for all the events check the CTT site for updates.
Helmets may be compulsory again, check the CTT site.