Covid-19 Update

As of 24th March, Leek Cyclists Club officially communicated that we will no longer host any events, club runs or social gatherings of any kind. These measures were taken in line with government rules for social distancing as a result of what is now described as the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

We are now into week 6 of social distance lock down, possibly the longest period the club has gone without social rides or events since the War. As a club we have complied with government rules impeccably; a credit to you all.

The steep incline in UK cases of Covid-19 is now flattening and there are even whispers that the strict social distancing rules may, be eased back during the coming weeks. It is temping at this point to flout the rules as we begin to see a way forward. However, it is more important than ever that we continue to follow the government’s advise of riding solo or with people from the same household only. Thus protecting not just our clubs’ image but that of the cycling community as a whole.

‘Stay Safe!’ fellow enthusiasts and we’ll meet again very soon.

Jamie J

A poem written by Daniel White, submitted by club blog writer Nick Prince

” I’m on this cycle path
It’s an elliptical course.
I’m going around in circles.
But there are the odd curve balls.
And I’m on this journey.
Trying to find myself.
And it doesn’t really hurt me.
That I’m all by myself.
Because I’m on a cycle path.
In a velodrome of cheers.
In my head they cheer me on.
This circuit has taken nearly 45 years.
I won’t ever give up.
But I know my body will give way.
So if you follow behind.
Stay in the slipstream.
The journey and life I lay before you.
Means everything to me.
Follow on my path.
Don’t ever deviate.
Not even when it’s lonely.
And you are full of self-hate.
Don’t let doubts drive the wheels.
You could never cycle in any meaningful way.
Let your passion be the answer.
I tagged you.
You know the path, you’re on.
As you start to move forward.
It gets easier everyday.”

by Daniel White