Club Run – June 23rd 2019

Two groups met up in the market place The B ride were heading to Hartington while the main group were heading to Knutsford. We set out along Mill Street and past Rudyard before reaching Gawsworth. We passed through Homes Chapel and on to Lower Peover and Mathall before riding in to Knutsford. Here we had a few issues with our Garmins as the route was not clear to us so we had a little tour of the streets before we realised we were outside the Courtyard Cafe. Soon riders were enjoying the warmth outside for once and artisan food at artisan prices.
We decided to head back by riding through the nearby Tatton Park estate to see the deer and stags and were rewarded with quite a collection. We then headed to Ashley and were soon riding at a good pace on the flats of Cheshire. We passed near to Alderly Edge and the Wizard pub where the group stopped for a chat before we set off for Broken cross and back to Gawsworth and back on to the main Leek road. Here it became every man for himself so we rode hard to make the front. Soon it was myself, Shaun and Nick D racing away and I managed to pass Nick for a brief spell at the front before he passed me to take the sprint in to Leek. We arrived back at 2.16pm after a fun, seventy mile ride. Thanks to all who helped navigate as unsure who was ride leader. I did my best to record the route so any mistakes are mine alone as I simply do not know Cheshire well.