Club Run – Sunday 1st March 2020

Nineteen riders turned out for the dry weather, the A group went to Whitmoore at a average of 17mph according to ride leader, Rich C. This struck me with fear after a fortnight on the turbo and the rollers and a recent visit to London, leaving me feeling unfit and unable to keep up so not for me!   

The B group led by Andy B went to Whetton via Buxton Road, up the main climb to Morridge, dropping in to Warslow and Hulme End before climbing out to Whetton. We were soon enjoying coffee and cakes and the usual bacon rolls.

We returned home via the Mainfold Valley and Grindon before dropping in to Onccote and climbing up to Morridge where the group headed back to Thornclife and Buxton Road while I carried on along Morridge.

Thanks to Andy B for leading the ride and to Rich C.

Nick P